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DIY Paper Purse – Free Pattern

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Create these sweet paper purses with the free pattern or SVG cut file. These purses hold two nail polishes making them great for bridal shower favors, birthday parties, or spa-themed parties.

Today I am excited to share an update to one of my most popular patterns – my DIY paper purse! I originally created these paper purses as bachelorette party favors, but they are so cute and versatile, they can be used for any occasion or event.

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It’s around this time of year, when the weather is getting nicer and I’m starting to get back in our garden, that I want to craft everything with sweet, bright colors and flowers. I made these purses in fun florals, butterflies and polka dots using my new, updated pattern that is available in both PDF as well as an SVG cut file. You do not need a cutting machine to make these. I have always made them by hand up until now, but the cutting machine definitely speeds things up!

The purses are simple to make and don’t require a lot of supplies. Velcro dots hold the purses shut, and they are the perfect size for holding two nail polish bottles or sweets and treats. Below is the tutorial, plus the new, updated pattern! What occasion would you make these for?

DIY Paper Purses

Supplies Needed for Paper Purse

  • Free SVG cut file – located at the end of this post
  • Decorative paper – two different sheets, one for the purse, one for the bow
  • Cutting machine
  • Velcro Dots *I’ve started using Velcro Brand Removable Mounting Circles 3/8″ – the pictures in the tutorial show a larger size, but I recommend the 3/8″ size :)
  • Tape runner, glue stick *or Scor-Tape

*Update: I’ve started making these purses using Scor-Tape – a great adhesive for paper crafting that is smooth and strong. I’ve also started using Velcro Brand Removable Mounting Circles 3/8″. They are smaller and gentler on the paper so the paper won’t tear when opening the purses) 

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Print and cut out the pattern.

Follow these simple steps to prepare your cut file. I have a Cricut Explore Air, so these steps are for Cricut Design Space. Open the SVG file. Change the pink lines layer from “Cut Lines” to “Score Lines”. You will need to attach these score lines to the large pattern piece. To do this, “Select All”, then “Ungroup”. Highlight the score lines layer and the large pattern piece layer and “Attach”. You are ready to hit “Go”.

** Watch the video: Preparing BugabooCity SVG Cut Files in Cricut Design Space.**

If you aren’t using a cutting machine, use the PDF pattern found in this post: DIY Paper Purse Party Favor.

Step Two: Score along the fold lines.

If using a cutting machine with a scoring tool, this will be taken care of when you cut the purse. If you don’t have a cutting machine with a scoring took, you can also do this by hand using a scoring board and stylus.

Step Three: Assemble the purse by overlapping the purse sides.

Be sure to keep the side piece coming from the front on top so the seam is less visible. Measure and mark 1″ in from either end of the purse handle and attach the handle at these marks.

Step Four: Assemble the bow!

First fold the bow piece in and use a narrow piece of tape to secure the center of the bow.

Lay the bow on top of the purse latch piece, centering it in between the two slits. Use the thin rectangle bow piece to secure the bow to the purse latch. You can tape this on the back, or a tape runner works well for this too.

Add the two bow ends with your glue stick or tape runner.

Step Five: Add the purse latch and closure to the paper purse.

Mark 3/4″ in from the skinny end of the purse latch, opposite the bow, as shown below.

This piece will insert into the slit on the back of the purse. Slide it in until the marked line is even with the slit. Tape or glue in place.

Apply the rough side of a Velcro Dot to the underside of the purse latch. Close the purse and mark where the soft Velcro Dot should be placed; then attach it to the front of the purse. I’ve started using 3/8″ clear Velcro Dots as they are less strong and easier on the paper. I found sometimes the larger Velcro Dots were too strong and tore the paper.

The paper purse is complete!! After making one or two, they really start to go together quickly!

When I am making a lot of these at once, I do everything in stages, cutting all of them at once, then making the bows all at once, etc. They’d also work well in an assembly line if you can grab some helpers! 

They make great party favors, prizes, treat boxes and can be used for any occasion, depending on the two pieces of decorative paper you choose!

I created these purses again using the fun paper collection, Fashionista by Echo Park Paper! I added cute little keychains to jazz them up. 

Thanks for visiting me here at Crafting Cheerfully! If you create any of my projects, I’d love to see them! Use #craftingcheerfully or email me pictures at craftingcheerfully@gmail.com :)

Free Download

Download BugabooCity Paper Purse Pattern.svg
BugabooCity-Paper-Purse-Pattern.svg - 15 KB

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