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DIY Secret Decoder Wheel Classroom Valentines

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Can you crack the secret code valentines? Use the decoder wheel to solve these top secret valentines. A fun and interactive printable valentine! 

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Valentine Decoder Wheel Valentines on purple table with pencil and hearts.

Today I’m back with another fun decoder wheel printable – this time I used my Valentine’s Day Decoder wheel to create printable valentines! These sweet valentine’s are perfect for code-solvers, spy enthusiasts, detectives and sleuths! The Secret Code Valentines are perfect for classroom valentines or for family and friends. 

Valentine decoder wheel open to show secret code wheel.

Can you crack the code to case #0214?? Use the decoder wheel to solve the coded message. The key is listed at the bottom of the valentine. Spin the decoder wheel so the letter S matches up with the SUN and you’re ready to solve the message. 

Valentine is open to show the message, "I Spy A Great Friend", that was decoded using the decoder wheel.

These valentines are available as an instant digital download PDF packet. Print as many as you need and then assemble them following the directions below.

Valentine, open to show the secret decoder wheel, lays next to a closed valentine, pink magnifying glass and pencil.

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Secret Code Valentines

Supplies Needed:

Step by Step Instructions

Step One: Print and cut out the valentine printables.

Print the valentine printables and cut out the pieces. Use a paper trimmer if you have one to print the rectangle pieces. Use a scissors to cut out the wheels. 

For one valentine, print page 3 of the packet. For 6 valentines, print page 1 twice and page 2 once.

Printable sheet of decoder wheels trimmed with paper trimmer.

Scissors lays next to cut out decoder wheel.

Step Two: Fold the valentines in half.

Folded valentine standing upright.

Step Three: Use a brad to create the spinning decoder wheel.

Layer the inner wheel piece on top of the wheel printed on the valentine. Line up the images with the letters. Use a push pin and carefully poke a hole in the center of the wheel piercing both layers. Use a small brad to hold both layers together.

Push pin pushed into the center of decoder wheel.

A box of tiny pastel colored push pins lays next to valentine.

Step Four: Add the to and from label.

Cover the back of the brad with the small rectangle that says TO and FROM. Try to position the To and From lines below the brad so you can still easily write in the names. You could also write the To and From lines before attaching it.

The back of the valentine showing the push pin has been inserted.Valentine folded closed with printable to and from label glued to the outside.

Close the valentine with a piece of washi tape or a sticker! The valentine is ready to be gifted!

Valentine decoder wheel open to show wheel.

Secret code valentines lay open to show decoder wheels.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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