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Crafty Pun Valentines for Sewers and Crafters!

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Create sweet handmade valentines for your crafty friends with these valentines for sewers and crafters! These cute pun valentines are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face! Grab the free template to help you get started!

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Sewing and craft themed valentines with funny puns.

Hello crafty friends! Today I’m excited to share these sweet handmade valentines for sewers and crafters with you! These cute Valentine’s Day cards were so much fun to create, especially coming up with the crafty puns! Who doesn’t love a good pun around Valentine’s Day? These cards are perfect to gift to your crafty friends this Valentine’s Day. 

I made these valentines using supplies I had around my craft room. Paperclips made perfect needles and hooks and scraps of felt and fabric were perfect for my sewing-themed valentines. You can follow my tutorials exactly or search your own craft and office supplies and use use whatever you have available to you. I created a template you can download for free form my Resource Library that includes the cute puns and patterns.

Sewing-themed handmade valentines with craft-themed puns on them.

My original plan was to make just a few of these but once I got started it was too fun to stop! I made nine crafty valentines in all and included some of my favorite crafts like sewing, cross stitching, and a scissors for paper crafting. The sewing ones are so sweet and I had fun finding pink and red fabric to use with them.

Sewing-themed valentines lay on a stack of red and pink fabric.

There are valentines that are perfect for anyone who loves to craft and make – a scissors, glue bottle and paint palette! 

Craft-themed valentines with crafty puns lay on a table surrounded by craft supplies.

Below are the tutorials for creating your own craft-themed valentines. My valentines are small, measuring 3″ x 3″. Don’t forget to grab the free template to help you get started!

Supplies Needed for Craft and Sewing Valentines

  • Free Template – Grab the free valentine templates by filling out the purple form at the end of this post.
    • Printed twice – once on cardstock and once on regular printer paper
  • Cards – I used 3″ square cards from Park Lane I found at Joann Fabrics
  • Adhesive – Glue Stick and Glue Pen
  • Craft supplies! This is a list of what I used, but you can search your craft supplies and use what you have on hand!
    • Pink and red scraps of fabric and a little bit of fusible interfacing
    • Red and green scraps of felt
    • Pink, red, and green embroidery floss
    • Red buttons
    • Paper clips
    • Rainbow-colored mini pom poms
    • Red marker and silver pen
    • Pink mini brad
    • Red Doodlebug Sprinkless (these Heart Sprinkles are also super cute!)
    • Small piece of pink ribbon
    • Black Sharpie Pen
  • Tools I used:

Craft supplies gathered together to make crafty valentines.

Making the Valentines

I printed the free template twice – once on regular printing paper for the puns, and once on white cardstock for the shape templates. By printing on white cardstock, I was able to cut out some of the shapes like the spool of thread and scissors and just turn them over and use them. The pin-cushion template was the only one that I used as a pattern instead of using directly on my valentine.

Below are the directions for each of the nine valentines! They are in this order: 

  • Cross Stitch Valentine
  • Pin Cushion Valentine
  • Crochet/Knitting Valentine
  • Spool of Thread Valentine
  • Quilt Valentine
  • Button Valentine
  • Scissors Valentine
  • Paint Palette Valentine
  • Glue Bottle Valentine

Cross Stitch Valentine – Valentine, You can Count on me!

Use the cross-stitch guide from the template to poke holes in the top of the card. Poke a hole at each intersection of the heart design, then cross stitch the paper card using red embroidery floss. Glue the pun to the bottom and the cross-stitch valentine is complete! Add a small square of paper on the back of the cover to hide the backside of your stitching.

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a cross stitch valentine that reads Valentine, you can count on me.

Valentine with a red cross-stitched heart that reads Valentine, You can count on me.

Pincushion Valentine – You are Stu-pin-dous!

For this valentine, use the template to cut a pin cushion from red felt. Cut a spiky top from green felt and wrap the tomato with green embroidery floss to create two vertical lines. To create the pins, cut three small pieces from a paper clip. Glue them to the valentine coming out of the pincushion and add a ball to the top of the pins. I used Sprinkles but you could use mini pompoms, sequins, rhinestones, tiny buttons, or beads. Finish the valentine with a cute pun!

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a pincushion valentine that reads You are stu-pin-dous.Valentine with felt pin cushion; it reads You are stu-pin-dous.

Crochet and Knitting Valentine – I wooly like you!

I made a crochet-themed valentine, but you could easily add two needles instead of the hook and make it for someone who loves to knit! Start by cutting the heart from the template and cover it in embroidery floss. I found it easiest to glue strips of floss until the entire heart was covered, then wrap it in embroidery floss to make it took like a ball of yarn. Gluing the strips of floss helped keep the heart flatter then wrapping the entire thing in floss. Glue the heart to the valentine with a fun pun underneath.

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a crochet valentine that reads I wooly like you.

Create a hook using a paperclip! Use a small pliers to shape it, then stick it in your yarn heart. 

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a crochet valentine and a hook from a paperclip.

Valentine with a heart wrapped in embroidery thread; it reads I wooly like you.

Spool of Thread Valentine – You are sew sweet!

To make this valentine, cut out the thread template and wrap it with embroidery floss. Leave a little extra at the end to swirl on the card. Create a pin from a paper clip following the steps used to create the crochet hook. Adhere everything to the card including the cute pun!

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a sewing-themed valentine that says You are sew sweet!

Valentine with a mini spool of thread on it; it reads You are a sew sweet!

Quilty Valentine – You’ve got a piece of my heart!

For this valentine, create a mini quilt using tiny squares of fabric. I cut tiny squares, that measured 1/2″ x 1/2″, from red and pink fabric. It was easiest for me to use fusible interfacing to help make my tiny squares similar in size. I drew four little grids of 1/2″ squares on the paper side of fusible interfacing. I cut the grids out and ironed them to the back of my fabric swatches and then cut my squares following the grids. Glue the squares to the valentine, removing the paper from the interfacing as you go. Add the pun and the valentine is finished!

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a quilt valentine that reads You've got a piece of my heart.

Valentine with a tiny fabric quilt on it that reads You've got a piece of my heart.

Button Valentine – Cute as a button!

This valentine is simple to make! Glue buttons to the front of the valentine, add the pun and it’s done! I searched my button stash for red buttons but you can use any color or shape you want. (I took these pictures when the glue was still wet, but it dried clear!)

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a button valentine that reads Cute as a Button.

Valentine with red buttons on it; it reads Cute as a button.

Scissors Valentines – Valentine, You’re a cut above the rest!

This scissors valentine was my nod to paper crafting and fittingly it involves some fussy cutting! Print the template on cardstock and cut out the scissors from the template. Use a hole punch to punch two holes in the handles. Turn the pieces over and color them using a red marker and silver pen. Carefully poke a hole with a pushpin and use a tiny brad to attach the two blades together. Glue it to your valentine, along with the pun, and it’s finished!

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a crafty valentine that reads Valentine, You're a cut above the rest.

Valentine with a scissors on it and a paper heart; it reads Valentine, You're a cut above the rest.

Paint Palette Valentine – You Color My World!

For this valentine, cut the paint palette from the template and use a hole punch to punch a hole in it. Add “paint” with mini pom poms, sequins, rhinestones, beads, mini buttons or color them on with marker. Glue the palette to the valentine and add a paintbrush. My paintbrush is a small piece of ribbon and the brush was drawn with a black pen. Add the pun and it’s finished!

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a paint palette valentine that reads You color my world.

Valentine with a mini paint palette and paintbrush on it, it reads You color my world.

Glue Bottle Valentine – I’m stuck on you!

For this valentine, start by cutting out the glue bottle from the template. Flip it over and decorate it. I used tiny pieces of fabric, a heart sequin, and a pen to create a cute Valentine’s Day-themed bottle. Glue it to the valentine along with the pun, and the valentine is done!

Step by Step picture collage showing how to make a glue bottle valentine with the pun; I'm stuck on you.

Valentine with a paper glue bottle on it; the valentine reads I'm stuck on you.

The crafty valentines are finished! I think they are so sweet and fun! It was fun to make these and figure out how to use what I had in my craft stash. I made a big crafty mess but it was worth it :) 

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