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How to Make Fabric Flowers with a Charm Pack

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Create sweet DIY fabric flowers using cotton fabric and colorful buttons. These flowers can be made using a charm pack and are simple to make!

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Five fabric flowers with buttons in the center lay on a white table.

Hello Crafty Friends! Last week I started making a new wreath for spring using a fabric charm pack. I needed a few fabric flowers for the bottom of the wreath and made them using fabrics from the charm pack. The flowers turned out so cute I thought I’d share a tutorial for creating them. While I’m using my fabric flowers for a wreath, they can be used for lots of fun things like hair clips, on home decor signs, and so much more. 

Each flower is made from one 5″ square piece of fabric from a charm pack. The finished flower is about 3″ in diameter. I also made a layered flower using two pieces of charm pack fabric to create a fabric flower that measures about 4.5″ in diameter. 

Fabric flowers made from a purple floral charm pack with buttons in the center.

For my flowers I used the charm pack Violet Hill by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics. It has beautiful floral prints in purple, blue, green and cream colors. I found coordinating buttons that were blue and violet for the center of each fabric flower.

Fabric flowers with buttons and a fabric charm pack.

Below is the tutorial for making the fabric flowers. I’ll be sure to include a link to the wreath I made with my fabric flowers when I post it!

Update: Here is a my beautiful fabric wrapped spring wreath I made using these cute fabric flowers!

DIY Spring Fabric Wrapped Wreath with Fabric bird in the center.

DIY Fabric Flowers

Supplies Needed:

Piece of fabric from a charm pack, purple thread, scissors and button.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut the fabric. Start by cutting the piece of fabric into thirds. I folded my fabric into thirds and pressed along the fold lines to create a cutting guide.

A 5" piece of fabric folded into thirds.

Charm pack piece of fabric cut into three pieces.

Layer the three pieces of fabric on top of each other and cut scallops along one edge. I created five scallops on each piece.

A piece of fabric cut with scalloped edges.

There pieces of scallop-edged fabric.

Step Two: Gather the fabric together to create a flower. Gather the three pieces of fabric together along the straight edges to create the flower. Start by securing the thread to one end of the first piece of fabric with a small knot.

Thread knotted on the end of a piece of scalloped fabric.

Next, use a small running stitch along the straight edge of fabric.

A piece of scalloped fabric is starting to be gathered with purple thread.

One piece of scalloped edge fabric is gathered.

When you come to the end of the first piece of fabric, continue your stitching to the second piece of fabric. Repeat for the third piece of fabric. 

Two pieces of scalloped fabric are gathered together on the same thread.

Pull the thread so the fabrics gather together tightly in the center. Secure the flower by taking a few stitches through the center of the flower on the backside. 

Three pieces of scalloped fabric are gathered together on one piece of thread.

Step Three: Add a button. Stitch a button to the center of each flower.

Purple floral fabric flower with purple button in the center.

Step Four: Rough up the edges of the fabric flower petals. Below you can see my flower on the right has been roughed up to fray the edges of the petals. To do this, I hold the flower by the center and brush the petals against a table surface, my sleeve or an old brush. You can of course skip this step and leave your flower petals as is.

Two fabric flowers; the right one has it's flower petals roughed up.

Fabric flowers with buttons and a fabric charm pack.

How to Create Layered DIY Fabric Flowers

For my spring wreath, I’m using five of these fabric flowers and am so excited with how they turned out! While I was experimenting with how to create these, I tried layering two flowers and wanted to share how to do that. It creates a larger flower with two fabrics. 

The layered flower is made the same way except the bottom layer is larger. Cut a charm square in half and scallop one of the sides. I created four scallops on each piece.

Scalloped pieces of fabric including three that are floral and two that are purple.

Stitch the large flower together gathering the straight edges with a running stitch. Pull them tightly in the center. 

Scalloped pieces of fabric are gathered together to form a flower shape.

Large purple fabric flower with thread and needle.

Stitch the smaller flower on top of the larger flower and add a button to the center!

Two fabric flowers layered together with a button in the center.

The layered flower is finished! These fabric flowers are so fun to make and are perfect for pretty fabrics and charm packs!

Happy Crafting! -Kim


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