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Printable Emotion Cards for Kids

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Use these free printable emotion cards with kids! They can be used with my Children’s Calendar or on their own for learning activities and games.

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Emotion cards are lined up next to a scissors; the cards have small emoji emotion faces on them.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I am excited to share a new set of learning printables with you – emotion cards! I have had many requests for emotion cards that can be used with my children’s calendar and I am happy to say they are now available to download for free.

The emotion cards coordinate with my DIY Children’s Calendar and are a great addition to a morning board or daily calendar routine. They can also be used on their own for a number of fun learning activities. 

Colorful emotion cards with emoji style faces.

The Free Printable Emotion Cards

The new set of cards comes with 28 different emotions. Each card includes the word for the emotion and a little emoji-style face depicting the emotion. 

The emotion cards are fanned out on a table.

How to Create the Emotion Cards

These emotion cards are easy to prepare. Download the PDF packet and print on white cardstock. I used 110lb white cardstock, but use whatever paper works best with your printer. I recommend laminating the cards so they last longer and are more durable. After laminating, use a scissors or paper trimmer to cut out the cards. Below are the supplies I used to make my cards.

A printable sheet of emotion cards are laminated.

Emotion cards being cut with a paper trimmer.

The emotion cards are fanned out on a table.

Using the Emotion Cards with Your Calendar

The emotion cards will fit right in with my calendar printables. Add thin strips of magnet to the back of them to use on a magnetic white board like I did with my magnetic calendar.

Magnetic sheets with a strip of magnet attached to the back of the magnet.

Magnetic children's calendar with colorful printable cards.

Use the cards with adhesive dots like I did in my Busy Book or on my Calendar Board. Instead of adhesive dots you could also use Stikki Clips, which are reposition-able clips, perfect for holding paper.

The calendar busy book is open to a page that reads "What day is today?; calendar cards list the day of the week, date and emotion.

Emotion Card Activities

The emotion cards can be used on their own for a number of learning activities. Below is a list of some fun games the cards can be used for!

  • Guess the Emotion! Place the cards face down. One player picks up a card and looks at the emotion, then acts it out without using any words while the other player or group guess the emotion! Challenge kids to only use their facial expressions.
  • Emotion Story! Place the cards face down. One player picks up a card and tells a story about a time they felt that emotion. You can play this same game using stuffed animals. Kids can pick a card and a stuffed animal (or toy) and make up a story about the stuffed animal feeling the emotion on the card.
  • Pick the Emotion! Lay several emotion cards on the floor face up. Tell a short story connected to one of the cards. Let the child pick the emotion they think they would feel. For example, you could say: Sally was planning to go to the pool one afternoon but it started raining and thundering and she wasn’t able to go. How would you feel? Then let the child pick from the emotions face up. 

Printable emotion cards.

I hope you enjoy using these emotion cards with your calendar or on their own with a fun learning activity. If you’d like to find out more about my coordinating calendar printables, visit my DIY Children’s Calendar page.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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