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DIY XOXO Valentine’s Day Banner

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Create a quick XOXO Valentine’s Day banner to decorate for the holiday! Grab some decorative paper and yarn to get started!

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Valentine's Day banner with XO letters clipped to a pink string with mini clothespins.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m excited to share this quick DIY Valentine’s Day Banner you can create to decorate for the holiday! My trick to easy banners – mini clothespins! I love using mini clothespins for banners because it eliminates the need for using a hole punch and threading the pennants or letters on one by one. It also makes it super easy to rearrange or add more to your banner. Nothing is tied, glued or adhered permanently to the yarn or string you using. 

This hugs and kisses banner is created with X and O letters plus some cute paper hearts. To give the letters a bit more dimension and thickness, I layered pieces of patterned floral paper over pieces of pink paper. You can of course skip this step if you are really short on time, but this step was really quick and easy and I think it added a lot to the banner! 

Valentine's Day banner with XO letters clipped to a pink string with mini clothespins.

My floral paper is from the “Love Notes” collection by Doodlebug Designs. I love how sweet the floral patterns are while not being just pink and red. Below is the tutorial for creating this banner! If you have a cutting machine this will go really fast, but even if you cut the letters by hand you can cut as many as you have time for. I made mine with just XOXO and then at the last minute added a couple cute hearts on the ends. 

DIY Valentine’s Day Banner

Supplies Needed

Supplies needed for Valentine's Day banner laid on a table. Scissors, clothespins, paper, yarn and glue pen.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut out the X and O letter shapes. 

Cut out the letter shapes making sure you cut out 2 for each letter pennant – one from floral paper and one from solid paper which will be the background or shadow. Skip the back piece if you are short on time! 

I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the letters using the font Adobe Font Acumin Pro. I chose to make my letters 4″ tall. Add heart shapes to either end of the banner if you want from a different floral paper!

Banner design in Cricut Design Space consisting of an X, O and heart.

Don’t have a cutting machine? No problem! Draw the bubble letters or type the letters in Word and print them. Use the first cut X and O as a template to cut the rest so they are all the same.

X and O letters cut out of floral paper and pink paper laying on a table.

Step Two: Glue the floral letter on top of each solid pink letter! 

Layer the letters so the bottom layer looks like a shadow by off-setting the background pieces lightly to the left by about 3/8″. Check the pictures below to see where I placed my glue on the Xs and Os. I didn’t need a lot! 

Glue is applied to the X letters so they can be layered.Glue is applied to O letters so they can be layered.

After I glued the letters I placed them under a stack of books for a few minutes.

A stack of books sits on a black cutting mat.

Once the letters were done I was ready to assemble the banner!

X and O letters are laying on a table ready to make a Valentine's Day Banner!

Step Three: Use mini-clothespins to attach the letters to a piece of yarn.

Use a piece of yarn or ribbon and attach the letters using mini-clothespins. Don’t open the mini-clothespins too much as they have a tendency to fall apart if you do. I used red and silver ones and alternated the color with each new letter. 

The paper X is attached to pink string using mini red clothespins.

Valentine's Day banner with XO letters clipped to a pink string with mini clothespins.

At first, I just used one clothespin for the O but when I hung it up I found two worked a little better :) 

Valentine's Day banner with XO letters clipped to a pink string with mini clothespins.

The banner is finished! Hang it up to celebrate the holiday! After Valentine’s Day when you take down the banner, save the letters for next year and return the mini clothespins to your craft stash so you can use them again for another fun banner! I have lots of DIY Banners on my site since I love making them for different occasions and holidays. They are a quick way to decorate and often only take a few supplies! 

Valentine's Day banner with XO letters clipped to a pink string with mini clothespins.

I’m excited to be sharing this crafts as part of the Creative Crafts Last Minute Valentine’s Projects! Be sure to click the link below and check out the other awesome projects shared. You can also enter to win a sweet craft stash in the raffle at the end of this post! Good luck!

Happy Crafting! -KimShop the Supplies Used

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  1. I love how you created the shadow with the pink paper, Kimberly! Thanks for joining us for the Creative Crafts FUN!

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