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DIY Shamrock Banner for St. Patrick’s Day

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Create a DIY shamrock banner to decorate for the St. Patrick’s Day! Use felt and green fabric scraps you already have along with the free shamrock template! 

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Shamrock banner made from scraps of green fabric lays on a white wooden table. Fabric scraps sit nearby.

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up I wanted to share this fun tutorial for creating your own shamrock banner! The best part of this banner? You can make it with fabric scraps! I love creating cute projects from my fabric stash and banners are one of my favorites since they are easy to make and don’t need a lot of supplies. This DIY St. Patrick’s Day banner is perfect for decorating your home for the holiday!

Shamrock made from green polka dot fabric lays on a white wooden table.

One of my favorite parts of this project is picking the fabrics! Dig through your stash and search for green fabric scraps. If you have a lots of fabric options, each shamrock can be different. Mixing prints, shades of green and even the texture of fabric will make for a unique and interesting banner. Only have a couple green fabrics? No worries! You can alternate your shamrocks when it comes time to stringing the banner. If you do want to purchase fabric for this project, check the fat quarter section at your local fabric store as that will be plenty!

Fabric shamrock attached to twine with a mini clothespin.

I originally made this banner to decorate my St. Patrick’s farmhouse sign! I made five shamrocks for my banner and hung them to a piece of twine I attached to the board. 

Wooden sign with the words "This home is built on Love and Shenanigans" with a banner of fabric shamrocks hanging on the bottom.

DIY Shamrock Banner

Supplies Needed

  • Free shamrock template – Grab the free file by filling out the purple form at the end of the post.
  • Kunin Stiffened green felt
  • Scraps of fabric in St. Patrick’s Day prints and green colors
  • DMC Green embroidery floss
  • Twine or yarn
  • 1″ Mini clothespins – I used Recollections clothespins from Michaels Craft Store. These clothespins on Amazon look similar.

Step By Step Tutorial

Step One: Use the template to cut out shamrocks from stiff green felt.

Print the shamrock template and cut it out to create a pattern. Use the pattern to cut shamrocks from stiff green felt. 

Green felt with a shamrock cut out. Gingher sewing scissors lays near the felt.

Five green felt shamrocks lay on the white table.

Step Two: Use the template to cut shamrocks from scraps of fabric.

For my wreath, I used a few leftover fabrics from my St. Patrick’s Day Wreath. All of my fabrics were quilter’s cotton but I did use a scrap of green fleece. You could also use scraps of green wool which would give your banner lots of great dimension. For inspiration, check out my Christmas tree banner, made from scraps of green wool mixed with cotton prints.

Piece of green scrap fabric with a paper shamrock template laying on one corner.

Five fabric shamrocks and five green felt shamrocks on a white background.

Step Three: Stitch the fabric shamrocks to the felt shamrocks using embroidery floss.

Layer the fabric pieces on top of the felt pieces. Stitch them together using a small running stitch around the borders of the shamrock. You can play around with using coordinating embroidery floss or contrasting embroidery floss and pick which style you like best! For my banner I tried to choose threads that matched but contrasting threads can be really fun!

Five fabric shamrocks lay on a white table. The fabric layer is on top of the felt layer.

A fabric shamrock is being stitched around the edges with a needle and green embroidery floss.

Below you can see one of my shamrocks stitched. I used a small running stitch and went around the entire border. 

A green fabric shamrock with a small hand-embroidered running stitch around the edges.

Repeat for each shamrock in your banner until all of them are stitched together.

Five fabric shamrocks on a white background.

Step Four: String them together to create a banner!

I love using tiny clothespins to create my banners! They are such a great tool for quickly stringing together a banner that is both easy to rearrange and easy to take down after the holiday or event! For this banner I used small gold clothespins from Michael’s craft store. 

Three fabric shamrocks are clipped to a piece of twine with mini clothespins.

I created this sweet banner to hang on my wooden sign so I clipped five shamrocks to a piece of twine and attached the banner to the back of my board. The clothespins mean I can actually replace the shamrocks with hearts or pumpkins or anything to fit the current holiday. The shamrocks are my favorite and fit the saying on my wooden board perfectly so I often just keep them attached all year round. 

A fabric shamrock is hung on a piece of twine with a mini clothespin.

Wooden sign with the words "This home is built on Love and Shenanigans" with a banner of fabric shamrocks hanging on the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed this fun scrap fabric banner!! They are one of my favorite things to make so I have a bunch of banner tutorials for making them for different seasons and occasions! :) 

Get the Free Shamrock Pattern!

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