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Visual Schedule Cards

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Stay organized and plan each day with your children using these fun Visual Schedule Cards! Perfect for homeschooling, virtual learning, in the classroom and for little ones learning about their day. 

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Visual Schedule Cards

New to my collection of calendar and preschool printables are these Visual Schedule Cards! Now available in my Etsy shop! I’m looking forward to using them to help us stay organized with at-home learning this upcoming year. There are so many activities included – 105 to be exact! They cover school subjects, outings, chores, daily routine and places your kids may go like the library and zoo. 

The cards work really well in a pocket chart and come with time cards so you can use them to set a schedule for your day. They are perfect for kids in school but are also great for younger kids who are learning vocabulary and about their day. You can skip using the time cards and just use the activities to show kids a general outline of your day and what you plan on doing.

Included in the set are plenty of cards perfect for using in the classroom. 

This new set of cards come with and without borders. I find when I use a pocket chart with both the activity and time cards, I prefer the cards without borders. It looks a little less busy to me. The cards with borders look great on dry erase boards and also in the pocket chart without the time cards. To help separate out the day, there is also a set of colored cards for all of the meals included. 

These cards coordinate with the rest of my DIY Children’s Calendar and can be used along with it. The cards cover many of the same activities in my “School Days” and “Daily Activity” sets. Depending on how you set up and use your DIY Children’s Calendar printables, these long and thin cards may work better than my rectangle cards.

How to Make the Visual Schedule Cards

You’ll find these files in my Etsy shop. After downloading them, print the ones you want to use on cardstock. My favorite paper to print on is Neenah 110lb white paper. Laminating the cards definitely extends their life. I use the Avery self laminating sheets and will sometimes just laminate the front of the cards to safe on laminating sheets. Laminate the cards and then use a paper trimmer to cut them out. 

I purchased the pocket chart calendar from Amazon. It is by Scholastic and matches the pocket chart I use for our calendar. 

Check out the listing in my shop for more information and a complete list of all activities included. I plan to use this visual schedule pocket chart along with my pocket chart calendar this school year and love that everything will match :) 

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