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Korean and English Children’s Calendar Printables

Children's Calendar | Free Printables

Create a dual-language Korean and English calendar with these fun free printables including days of the week, months, seasons, weather and more!

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A colorful DIY Korean Kid's Calendar

My DIY Children’s calendar is one of my favorite (and most popular) set of printables! I created it years ago to use with my little ones daily. Since then it has grown and is now available in multiple languages – Spanish, French, Italian, Hawaiian and now, Korean!

The newest set of printables added to the collection are dual language Korean and English calendar printables. I had the pleasure of working with Min Hee, of @mini_noli, to create this calendar! She has a wonderful Instagram page, @mini_noli, where she shares fun activities and ideas for kids to learn through play. It was so fun collaborating with her and bringing this calendar to life! 

Colorful and cheerful Korean and English Calendar on a whiteboard.

The Calendar Cards

The calendar follows the same format as my other calendars and is made in the same color scheme. The printables include days of the week, months, seasons, numbers, weather cards and more – everything you need to create your own calendar! You can mix and match the printables to create a calendar that is just right for you and the kiddos who will be using it. 

Close up picture of weather cards in Korean.

Since these printables are dual-language, they include both Korean and English on each card. The English words are in gray at the bottom of each card. Min Hee provided the Korean translations along with the pronunciations, which are at the top of each card. 

Korean and English Calendar Card printables

How to Make the Calendar

For ideas on how to assemble your calendar and use these printables, head to my main DIY Children’s Calendar Post. There are lots of examples of ways you can set up your calendar including using a dry erase board, chalkboard, foam core board or even a tri-fold board! Plus you’ll find a list of supply links that are super helpful. You can create your calendar by turning the printables into magnets, or use Stikki-clips and Velcro fasteners as I did for this calendar!

Printables in Korean and English to make a children's calendar.

Below is an example of my Korean-English calendar. There are even more printables available in the packet than I have included on my board and so many different ways you can set up your cards.

Korean kid's calendar on a white dry erase board with a purple background.

While I used a dry erase board for my Korean-English calendar, you can use many other things including foam board or poster board. Below is an example of an English calendar I created on a foam board. The great thing about foam boards is they give you more space!

Morning Calendar Board with Free Calendar Printables

The Calendar Bunnies!

One of my favorite parts of my kid’s calendars, are the bunnies. Kids can observe the weather and then dress the bunnies for the weather each day! The bunnies come in multiple fur colors and have a huge selection of clothing to choose from including weather clothes like raincoats, snow boots and sun hats, to fun clothing kids can play with. This tutorial, DIY Children’s Calendar, will show how to create the bunnies. They are also available as coloring pages that kids can help color and create! 

Printable bunnies on a DIY Children's Calendar.

How to Download these Freebies

The new Korean and English Calendar printables are available to download for free in my Free Resource Library along with many other calendar printables including the bunnies, editable header cards and more! If you use these calendar printables, both Min Hee and I would love to see! Tag us, @craftingcheerfully and @mini_noli, so we can see your creations! 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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