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48 Fun Family Puzzles Everyone Will Enjoy!

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Looking for a fun family activity? Why not try a jigsaw puzzle! Check out this fun roundup of 48 beautiful and exciting jigsaw puzzles the whole family will enjoy putting together. 

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Family puzzles stacked up in a pile.

Puzzles have increased in popularity over the last year and it’s no mystery why. They are a great activity you can do on your own or as a family with amazing benefits to your overall well-being. Jigsaw puzzles relieve stress and promote a sense of calm and tranquility. They allow us to put our devices down and, when doing a puzzle with family, enjoy the company of the people we love!  

Putting a jigsaw puzzle together as a family is a fun activity for cold and rainy days. They are a great collaborative project everyone can work on, including family members of all ages. If you have a space to keep the puzzle, you can leave it out over several days or weeks while working on it. When anyone in the family needs a little down time, they can head over to the puzzle and work on it!

Overhead pictures of a puzzle being assembled on a wooden table.

With jigsaw puzzles growing in popularity, there is now a bigger variety of puzzles to choose from! You can find a puzzle for any holiday, occasion or special interest you want. Many puzzle companies create puzzles featuring artwork from contemporary artists, making them a great way to experience new art. Plus, these puzzles look beautiful framed when they are completed!

With so many puzzles to choose from, here are some tips to choose the right puzzle for your family to work on next.

Tips for choosing your next family puzzle!

  • Choose a puzzle with a theme everyone will be excited about. If your family is new to puzzling, choosing a fun theme will hold everyone’s interest longer.
  • Start with a 500-piece puzzle if you aren’t sure what size to start with. This will give you a good idea if your next puzzle should be bigger, like 1000 pieces, or smaller.
  • If you have smaller children and aren’t sure of their puzzling ability, start small! Choosing a puzzle that is too difficult may result in frustration. A 64-or 100-piece puzzle may be a good place to start, or even a 48 piece, but it depends on each child!
  • Circular puzzles are great because they usually don’t have a top or bottom. Everyone can gather around the puzzle and work with the images facing them.
  • If you want to lower the difficulty level, look for a puzzle with little scenes or vignettes. This breaks a larger puzzle down into smaller puzzles, This is great for puzzling with kids. Try to avoid puzzles with large expanses of a similar color or texture. 
  • Another way to lower the difficultly level of a puzzle is to look for puzzles that are color blocked with similar colors or patterns grouped together.
  • Seek-and-Find puzzles are really fun for families with kids! Once the puzzle is assembled, search for the missing things as a family to extend the activity.
  • Look for inclusive puzzles that promote diversity or offer a chance to learn or grow. There are many new social justice puzzles that are also great for starting conversations as a family.
  • Choose a puzzle with the intention of framing it and hanging it somewhere special in your home. The whole family will have helped create a piece of artwork for the home!  
  • Enjoy the work of your favorite artists by choosing a puzzle featuring their artwork! If you follow artists on social media, like Instagram, they will often share when their art is featured on a puzzle and where you can buy it.
  • Try a glow-in-the-dark puzzle or 3D puzzle to shake things up!
  • Looking for a challenge? Try a puzzle with more pieces, larger areas of the same color or pattern or a motif that repeats itself in multiple places!

Once you have the puzzle picked out, find a great location to puzzle! A table where everyone can gather around is perfect. If you plan on using your kitchen table, make sure you can finish the puzzle in one sitting or plan to enjoy dinner outside or in another location for the night (or a few days)! Sorting Trays are handy and can be especially helpful when building with a group. Younger kids may also enjoy sorting pieces into the trays. 

Fun Family Jigsaw Puzzles the Whole Family Will Enjoy!

48 Fun Family Jigsaw Puzzles

There are so many interesting and unique puzzles to choose from. Here are 48 puzzles that would be great builds for your next family puzzle day!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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