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DIY Fall Bucket List Sign for Families

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Celebrate fall by creating a personalized fall bucket list sign for your family! Use printable cards to add your favorite seasonal activities.  

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Our Family's Fall Bucket List Sign with fall activity cards hanging on it.

Fall is my absolute favorite season but wow does it go quickly! It’s such a busy time of year I decided to create a fall bucket list sign for our family. If you have a lot of fun fall activities and traditions, this is a cute way to make sure you don’t miss them! It is also great for giving your family ideas if you have a free weekend and want to enjoy some fall fun. 

Fall bucket list activity cards clipped to a board.

I created this bucket list sign using my Halloween and Fall Calendar Cards I created last year. We used them in our pocket chart calendar but I realized they would also be perfect for a bucket list.

Halloween and Fall Activity Cards by Crafting Cheerfully

There are 21 Halloween and 21 Fall cards included so there are lots of activities to choose from. The card set also comes with an editable version, so you can edit the words on the cards. This is perfect for specific events and activities your family does.

Below is the tutorial for creating the board. It is designed to be temporary so you can use the same board for multiple bucket list boards depending on the season or holiday. You can see how I set is up as a Halloween Bucket List and we’ll use it again for the Christmas season with my Christmas Calendar cards! One board – multiple bucket lists! 

Close up picture of the label at the top of the fall bucket list board that reads "Our Family's Fall Bucket List".

How to Make a Fall Bucket List Sign

Supplies Needed

Supplies needed to make Fall Bucket List Sign lay on a table top including printables, board, twine and clothespins.

Tools used to make bucket list sign lay on a table - a laminator and a paper trimmer.

Making the Bucket List Cards

Step One: Start by printing the calendar cards on white cardstock. I use 110lb paper but use whatever works with your printer. If you’d like, laminate the cards for extra durability. 

A sheet of fall activity cards is laminated.

Step Two: Cut out the cards using a scissors or paper trimmer.

Paper trimmer cutting out fall bucket list cards lays on a table top.

Preparing the Board

Step Three: Attach a length of twine to your wood board. Start by taping the ends to the back of the board, so you can adjust positioning and the length of the twine.

A white wooden board, a roll of orange twine and a scissors lays on a table.

White board with orange twine taped to it.

The back of the wooden board shows orange twine taped to it.

Adding the Bucket List Cards

Step Four: Add the cards to the twine using clothespins and then readjust the length of the twine until you are happy with how much the cards swoop. Once all of the twine has been added, you can hot glue the twine in place. I keep mine held with tape, since I plan to reuse this board for each bucket list including Christmas, where I will want to change the color of my twine.

A white board with a string of orange twine with cards clipped to it.

Fall activity cards are pinned to a line of orange twine.

Repeat for the other strands of twine you plan on adding to the board. My board fit three strands of twine with five cards on them, so I included 15 bucket list cards.

White wooden board with cards hanging from orange twine.

Personalize the Bucket List Sign

Step Five: Add the title label to the top of the board. I used tape bubbles on the back so I can replace it with Halloween and Christmas bucket list titles. There is an editable version of the labels included so you can personalize your sign. Add your family’s name like “The Smith Family’s Fall Bucket List” or use the names of your children like “Sarah and Todd’s Fall Bucket List”. 

Close up picture of the label at the top of the fall bucket list board that reads "Our Family's Fall Bucket List".

The fall bucket list sign is finished! I love how it turned out! One of my favorite parts is how interactive it is. Kids can help unclip the activities as you finish them. I’m also really happy I can reuse this same board for the other bucket lists I plan to do this year, like Halloween and Christmas. I plan to leave the orange twine for Halloween but will switch it for Christmas :) 

Our Family's Fall Bucket List Sign with fall activity cards hanging on it.

Do you do bucket lists with your family? This will be our first time but I think the kids will really enjoy it! :) 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

The Halloween and Fall Activity Cards are available in my Etsy shop. Thank you for supporting my small business :) 

Purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business :)

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