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How to Make a Chalkboard Calendar For Kids

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Create a colorful chalkboard calendar for kids using these fun free printables. Print on colored paper for a bright and bold calendar!

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Children's chalkboard calendar on a blue background.

Hello! I’m back today with another calendar tutorial. Over the past few days I’ve been sharing fun ways to use my calendar printables as well as introducing new free calendar printables to the collection. Today I’m sharing a new set of calendar printables designed to be used with colored cardstock. They are perfect to use for a chalkboard calendar for kids!

This calendar set is in English and looks awesome when printed on colored cardstock. This is a great way to save on colored ink without losing out on color! I printed my calendar using Astrobrights paper and love how bright and bold the calendar came out. 

Colorful calendar printables on a chalkboard.

Since the calendar pieces were so electric in the neon Astrobright colors, I decided to use them with a chalkboard so the background would be black. You could also use a black foam board for a similar vibe. The Chalkboard I used is by a U Brands chalkboard and measures 17″ x 23″. I decided to paint the frame purple but it did prove more difficult than I expected. It took several coats of paint but I’m happy with the fun purple border. 

Chalkboard with the wooden border painted purple.

Below is the tutorial for setting up this specific calendar. There are dozens of ways you can use my free calendar printables. This set comes in English but I have sets in other languages including Spanish, French, Italian, and Hawaiian as well. You can read all about my DIY Children’s Calendar or check out the Calendar ideas page to see different ways you can use the printables.

How to Make a Chalkboard Calendar for Kids

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed including chalkboard, Astrobrights paper and Command Clips in black.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Download and print the calendar printables. I used the Chalkboard Calendar Set and the Custom Header file to make a customized header for the top of the calendar. Both printables can be downloaded for free by filling out the purple forms at the end of this post.

Calendar printables printed on colorful paper.

Step Two: Laminate the pages for extra durability and cut out all of the pieces. I used my laminator but you can also use self-laminating sheets. For this set of printables, I decided to leave a small boarder around each piece when I cut them out. It helps them pop on a black background!

Laminator laminating calendar printable on green paper.

Green paper calendar printables being trimmed in a paper trimmer.

Printables on colored cardstock.

Step Three: Create the a perpetual calendar using fasteners. I printed the calendar page on a bright pinkish-red piece of paper and printed the numbers on blue paper. After laminating both sheets of paper and cutting everything out using my paper trimmer, I was ready to assemble the calendar. 

Start by covering each square on the calendar with a thin fastener (the rough side). Cover 31 of them with a coordinating fastener (the soft side) and then stick the number on top. Press the numbers down and hold for a few seconds. When you lift up the number cards, the soft fastener will stay stuck to the back of the cards. 

Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners are used to attach dates to a calendar printable.

Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners are used to attach dates to a calendar printable.

Pink calendar printable with blue calendar dates on it.

Step Four: Create the thermometer using fasteners and an arrow. The thermometer is created in a similar way using the thin clear fasteners. An arrow marks how hot or cold it is each day.

Printable weather cards for a calendar.

Step Five: Assemble the chalkboard using tape and clips! Start by arranging your board until you are happy with the layout. Next, tape down any pieces that do not need to change each day. I just put loops of tape on the back that would be easy to peel up if I ever changed my mind on the layout. 

Use the black Command clips to hold pieces that need to change each day including the day of the week, month, year, and large weather card.

Black clips used to hold calendar printables on the chalkboard.

Colorful printables on a chalkboard.

I love the way the black clips look on the black chalkboard. The clips are also a great size for kids and not to strong that they will hurt tiny fingers. The calendar is complete and ready to be used daily!!

Chalkboard calendar with colorful bold printables on a blue background.

This calendar was a lot of fun to create and I really like the new printables that can be printed on colored cardstock. The printables are so bright and bold! Be sure to check out all of my calendar ideas if you are looking to create a calendar for kids!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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