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DIY Weather Calendar for Kids – Free Printables!

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Create a weather calendar for kids using a tri-fold display board and my free calendar printables! Kids can observe the weather each day and become weather watchers!

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DIY Weather Watchers Calendar tri-fold board

There are so many fun ways to use my calendar printables including on a tri-fold board! Today I’m excited to share this DIY Weather Calendar for kids! Plus, even more exciting, I have just added new weather printables to my collection of free printable calendar files. 

This calendar is very similar to my other DIY Children’s Calendars but focuses on the weather for the week. It asks kids questions like “What season is it outside today?” and “What should we wear outside today?”. These questions encourage children to be weather watchers and look or go outside to observe the weather. These new question cards along with three new large headers are just a few of the new freebies added to my Resource Library!

Weather Printables for Kids

This calendar is special because kids can display the weather for the day with the large weather card and also keep track of the weather for the entire week on the weekly calendar! There is spot for both the date and the weather for that day. Kids can even predict the weather for the week and then see if they are correct!

Weekly weather calendar for kids

Another new section to the calendar is the extra season cards. Children can mark which season it by using the card with the name of the season on it and also by marking the tree that best shows the season with an arrow or magnet. 

Season calendar cards for kids

Across the board is one of my weather bunnies, a favorite of mine since I started my DIY Children’s Calendar in 2015. The bunnies come in four fur colors and include bunnies that use a wheelchair so you can customize the calendar. They come with clothing for the weather including rain coats, rain boots, winter coats, winter boots, winter hats, sun hats and more. These are all FREE and so much fun to play with! 

Weather bunny on a weather calendar trifold board.

Below are pictures of my weather bunnies from other calendars!

Morning Board in Spanish and English showing weather bunnies.

DIY Children's Calendar with weather printables.

Below is the tutorial for making this calendar using a tri-fold board, Stikki-clips and Velcro fasteners. These printables can be used SO many different ways. Check out my DIY Children’s Calendar post to see how to turn the printables into magnets and lots of fun examples of the calendar created on dry erase boards, chalkboards and foam boards!

How to Make a Weather Calendar for Kids

Supplies Needed

Supplies needed for weather calendar

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Print and laminate the weather calendar printables you plan to use. For this calendar I used the following printables from my Resource Library

  • Weather cards from my Weather Watcher card set
  • Days of the week, months, number cards from my English Calendar card set
  • Bunnies from the Bunny set.

A laminator laminates weather printables.

Step Two: Cut out all of the printables. A paper trimmer is a huge help with all of the straight edges! Use a small scissors and carefully cut out the bunny clothes.

A paper trimmer cuts out weather cards.

Step Three: Cover the outside of the tri-fold display board with wrapping paper. I used clear packing tape to cover the edges of the boards so the wrapping paper wouldn’t rip up.

Tri fold board covered in rainbow and cloud wrapping paper.

Step Four: Assemble the calendar on the inside of the tri-fold board. I used pieces of blue paper to help divide the board up into sections. A trick I like to do with all of my calendars is to lay everything out until I like it and then take a picture. Then as I lift things up to adhere them, I have a reference picture if things get moved around.

Weather Calendar Printables

Use tape to secure anything that does not need to move, like the question cards, headers, thermometer and bunny. Use Stikki Clips for the day of the week, month, season, and large weather card. For the smaller pieces, like the bunny’s clothing and marking the day and weather on the weekly calendar use Velcro Thin Clear Fasteners.

Weather Calendar printables for kids

Start by placing the Velcro “dots” (the rough side) in the center of all fourteen calendar spaces. Next, cover them with the matching Velcro dots (the soft side). Place the number cards on top and press down. When you lift the number cards up, the soft dots will be stuck in place. Repeat for all of the number cards, then all of the weather cards. There are 7 of each type of weather included in the printable pack, so if there is a week of full rain, sun or snow there are enough cards!

Weather calendar with days of the week.

DIY Weather Calendar

Days of the week for the weather calendar.

DIY Weather Calendar with lots of small weather cards for each day of the week.

Repeat this same process for the bunny. I like to put one Velcro dot (the rough side) on the bunny’s head, feet and three on their shirt area. 

Weather bunny with Velcro Clear Thin Fasteners on it.

Weather bunny dressed in a raincoat.

The thermometer and the seasonal trees use arrows which can also be used with Velcro dots!

Weather watcher tri-fold board

The weather calendar is done! If your tri-fold board is larger than mine you can add even more calendar printables from my collection. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find the free printables useful! 

DIY Weather Watchers Calendar tri-fold board

I found these great little containers, Super Stacker Kit, to hold the printables! There are so many tiny weather cards I like keeping them in a separate container!

Calendar piece storage

Storage container for small calendar pieces.

Calendar Files

Download the free calendar files from my Resource Library! Visit my Resource Library to download the free calendar printables. There is a entire section of my Library dedicated to my calendar printables. You’ll find the main calendar in five languages, calendar pages for 2021, Weather Bunnies plus additional bunny clothing and more!

Download calendar extras from my Etsy shop! Visit my Etsy shop to shop calendar extras like Holiday Cards, Daily Activity Cards, Preschool Learning Cards, Fun National Day Cards and more!

Happy Crafting! -KimShop the Supplies Used

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