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How to Organize Works in Progress

Craft Room Organization

Learn how I organize my works in progress in my craft area! This method is perfect for smaller craft and sewing projects.

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Works in progress organized in drawers.

Hello Crafty Friends! Since I often have multiple projects in progress, I need a good way to store them in my craft area. Today I’m sharing my favorite method for how I organize my works in progress, or WIPs! 

How to Organize Works in Progress

To store and organize my WIPs I use a plastic drawer rolling cart. You can find many different versions of these carts at craft stores and on Amazon. They come with shallow drawers that pull all the way out. You can get them in different sizes with a single column of drawers or two. I started out using a single column cart with 10 drawers but have since switched to a larger cart with 20 drawers. I use some of this new cart for craft supplies and the rest for WIPs.

Each project fits in its own drawer. I usually have at least 5-10 projects in the works and it is nice to keep everything for each project in one place. This is especially helpful when I’m gathering the supplies needed for a project. As I find or purchase things, I can place everything in its own spot. 

Below you can see a few of my project bins from this past April. As I purchased and found supplies I put them right in the bins. I used the bins throughout the projects keeping everything together for each project.

Three bins full of project supplies for works in progress.

I have tried using several different things for storing my WIPs in the past including Tupperware, fabric totes, trays and bins. These often took up too much space and were not stackable. These drawers work well for me as I tend to have smaller projects like banners, treat boxes, embroidery and small sewing crafts. Some drawer carts even come with deeper drawers, so if you tend to have larger projects a cart with the deep drawers would work well.

Project bin with pillow wreath and banner projects.

Project drawer filled with pillow wreath pillows.

Labeling the Drawers

Labeling the drawers is completely optional but can be handy. I labeled the drawers on my original cart using dry erase vinyl labels. The dry erase labels meant I could easily switch the label depending on what project was in the drawer. Before creating these dry erase labels, I used Sharpie on masking tape to label the bins. It definitely got the job done, but left sticky residue on the drawers and well, it wasn’t as “pretty” as I wanted it to be! Below you can see my dry erase labels on my old storage cart. 

Drawers labeled with project names on dry erase labels.

I used my Cricut Explore and Label #M3616D from Cricut Design Space to cut the labels from dry erase vinyl. Then I just keep a dry erase marker handy and I can label and relabel these bins as needed.

Drawer storage organizer with drawers labeled; one is pulled out to show supplies.

I hope this was helpful! There are so many different ways you can store your WIPs, this is just one way that has worked well for me! 


Rolling Drawer Storage Carts

These are the drawer storage carts I have purchased myself or considered buying. They are linked to on Amazon but I encourage you to check your local craft store as they may go on sale there!

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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