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DIY Desktop Organizer

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Create your own DIY desktop organizer using upcycled cardboard tubes, scrapbook paper and a wood slice! Decorate with beautiful paper succulents to add a little greenery to your desk!

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Desk organizer made from cardboard tubes covered in pink and green scrapbook paper on a wood slice with paper succulents.

Hello crafty friends! It’s January and I love giving some of my spaces an organizational refresh this time of year! After the holidays and months of Christmas crafting, my office/craft room is usually pretty messy and in need of some TLC. While cleaning up, I decided to make a new desktop organizer! I already have an organizer for colored pencils, but I wanted to make something to hold some of my most used items like pencils, pens and paperclips. 

I created this desktop organizer using supplies I found while cleaning my craft space; cardboard tubes, paper and a wood slice. I always save my cardboard tubes from Cricut Vinyl as they are super sturdy and perfect for crafting projects.

Rather than cutting the cardboard tubes and paper with straight lines, I decided to cut them with wavy lines and tear the paper. This actually made the project  easier and I liked the organic look. The paper succulents are my favorite part! The added greenery is the perfect touch to my craft area – especially during our cold and snowy winter months!


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How to Make a DIY Desktop Organizer

Supplies Needed:

Supplies for Succulents

  • Cardstock in various shades of greens
  • Cutting machine – I used a Cricut Explore
  • Succulent cut file – I used #M124F11 “Paper Succulents Wreath” in Cricut Design Space

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Start by cutting cardboard tubes to various heights. I upcycled cardboard tubes from Cricut Vinyl. They are really thick and sturdy and perfect for craft projects. I cut them using a craft knife and purposely cut them in wavy, non-straight lines.

A craft knife cuts a paper tube in half on a black cutting mat.

Arrange the cardboard tubes on your wood slice as you cut them so you can see what height tubes you still need. Make sure you have some tall tubes to hold pencils, pens, paintbrushes and other taller items. Cut tubes that are really short to hold small office items like paperclips and thumbtacks. There is no right or wrong way to do this part! I just kept playing around until I liked the look of my tubes. 

Cardboard tubes of various heights are arranged on a wood slice.

Step Two: Paint the tops of the tubes to match the paper you plan to wrap the tubes with. Paint inside the tubes as well.

Cardboard tubes in various sizes lay on a table with the tops of the painted different colors of pink and green.

Step Three: Wrap the tubes with decorative paper using double-sided tape to hold it in place. I used scrapbook paper from the DCWV paperstack “Copper Luxury”. I’ve had this stack for so long and it is one of my favorites! To create a more organic look to the paper, tear the paper to create a ripped edge. 

A paper is being town along the top edge.

Step Four: Create paper succulents to decorate your desktop organizer. I used green cardstock in various shades, my Cricut cutting machine and cut files by Lia Griffith. The cut files are part of a Succulent Wreath project in Cricut Design Space. It comes with a few different succulent designs which was perfect for my desktop organizer!

Lia Griffith Paper Succulents Wreath

Paper succulents in different shades of green.

Step Five: Now that the cardboard tubes are ready, as well as the paper succulents, it’s time to attach them all to the wood slice. I arranged mine on the wood slice a few times until I was happy with the arrangement. Use hot glue to attach the tubes first and then attach the succulents in the front. Paper tubes are positioned near the back edge of the wood slice.

Desktop Organizer made from cardboard tubes and green and pink paper with paper on a wood slice with paper succulents.

Desk organizer with paper succulents on it.

By far my favorite part was adding the cute little paper succulents. They look so sweet on the wood slice! Once the organizer is made, it’s time to fill it with all of your fun office and desk supplies! I filled mine with some of my most used items I like to have at my fingertips. 

Desk organizer filled with office supplies.

Desk organizer made from cardboard tubes covered in pink and green scrapbook paper on a wood slice with paper succulents.

I’m excited to share this craft as part of the January edition of Team Creative Crafts! This month is all about organization projects! There are so many fun ideas being shared, be sure to check them out!!

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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