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Craft Room Storage Ideas

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Craft Room Storage Ideas.

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Hello Crafty Friends! Today I thought I would share a look around my craft area along with my favorite craft storage ideas! 

My craft area is not in an enclosed room, and is very much visible to anyone who comes to our home, I am constantly making messes and in need of a quick way to clean them up. Small kids in our home also means I have to keep things pretty tidy – or, at the very least, make sure I don’t leave anything out that they shouldn’t get their hands on – like my Ginghers!

The best way I have found to keep a clean space is to have a place for everything to go. It makes clean-up time go quickly and I don’t lose things as often as I used to!

A few years ago, I invested in some storage pieces to help keep this area in check and I’m happy to say that years later they are all still working well. Yay!

Is it perfect? Of course not! Not everything fits in the area I have and I do need to store my fabric and less frequently used craft supplies in a different place – but the things I use frequently are all at my fingertips and everything has a place of its own. So, overall, I’m really happy and definitely feel lucky to have the space I have.

I’ve included links when I can and I hope this post is helpful if you are currently on an organizing mission! :)

Dresser with six fabric bins labeled for craft supplies; a Cricut cutting machine sits on top.

Craft Room Storage Ideas

Craft Dresser with Fabric Storage Bins

This first area is where I use my Cricut Explore cutting machine. It lives on top of a book shelf from Pottery Barn. I love having my Cricut out all of the time so it’s easy to use quickly. I keep the area next to it clean so I can set my computer right next to my Cricut when cutting.

The canvas storage bins on the shelves are from Pottery Barn Kids. While I wouldn’t mind looking at all of my craft supplies on display, keeping them tucked away keeps this room less busy. The storage bins are huge and even fit reams of printer paper!

I store IRIS plastic paper cases under the bookcase, which hold chipboard and paperstacks. Below you can see inside my felt scrap bin :)

Fabric bin filled with felt organized in plastic baggies by color.

The rest of my fabric is stored in other places – like my under-the-bed storage bins. I love using these because they pull out and I can easily see my most used fabric at a glance. I store larger pieces of fabric, fleece, interfacing, specialty fabric and my swatch bins in large storage bins in my bedroom and the basement. You can read more about how I organize my fabric stash and space-saving tricks I use!

Fabric sorted by color in an under the bed storage bin.

Craft Paper Storage

Paper storage, just like fabric storage, is SO tricky! Iris storage carts are my favorite for craft supplies, especially the wide size that can hold 12 x 12 paper! I wrote an entire post last year about how I organize my scrapbook paper. 

The Iris cart pictured below primarily holds my paperstacks and I use a file cart from The Container Store for my loose sheets. The file cart slides under my desk and out of the way.

Scrapbook paper cart with labeled drawers for "Small Stacks" and "Scraps".

File cart under white desk is filled with scrapbook paper in color-organized file folders.

My paper stack collection has continued to grow and I now store some of my most used paper stacks in large file holders. I found these in the Target dollar section around back-to-school time and love how deep and wide they are!

Paper stacks are organized in colorful plastic book bins.

Cricut Craft Supply Storage

This taller, 7-drawer IRIS storage cart holds all of my Cricut supplies. I added a hook on the side of the cart to hold some of my mats.

My favorite way to organize my vinyl and Iron-On is to separate each color from any samplers I buy and use a rubber band around each roll. This helps me see all of the colors I have available. I labeled the drawers with my vinyl and my Cricut.

Storage tower with drawers labeled for different Cricut supplies.

My Craft Cabinet

A lot of my sewing and craft supplies are kept in my Martha Stewart craft hutch and cabinet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it is being sold anymore. I purchased it a few years ago from Home Depot and love how it holdes so many craft supplies.

Below you can see one side of the hutch. I use a small 16 drawer cabinet to hold my small sewing notions. I printed labels for each drawer and taped them to the inside of each drawer pull. Photo boxes hold buttons, glitter, stamps, and beads.

A cabinet door is open showing the inside of the cabinet with craft supplies organized.

I found this really cool lazy Susan-style craft bin by Deflecto at Joann Fabrics, but it is also available in black on Amazon. It is so fun! The tall bins are perfect for holding paintbrushes and scissors and the smaller containers hold things like safety pins and pencil sharpeners. It came with lids for every bin, but I leave most of them off so my taller things fit.

A lazy susan style craft storage container is filled with scissors, paint brushes and markers.

I just spin it around to find what I need and I love that each container is removable!

A lazy susan style craft storage container is filled with scissors, paint brushes and markers.

These cute little super stacker boxes hold my X-Acto knives, seam rippers and sharp tools – things I want to keep out of reach of my kiddos. They stack really nicely on top of each other and the clasps on each end keep them securely closed.

Small blue containers hold sewing notions and tools.

Sewing Supply Storage

A thread rack on the inside of the cupboard door is perfect for holding my thread! I painted it white and mounted it on the door. I keep extra thread and repeat colors inside the cupboard.

Cabinet open to show a thread rack organizer on the inside door filled with thread spools organized by color.

The hutch came with two drawers at the bottom, one of which came divided. This is perfect for my sewing notions like Velcro, elastic, and bias tape. I did put child safety locks on my drawers. It was sad to put them on my new piece of furniture, but when I bought this, my kids were toddlers and so curious I didn’t want to take any chances! I’m hoping I can remove them without causing too much damage – we’ll see!

Large drawer open to show sewing storage with elastic, Velcro, bias tape and more organized.

My Craft Cart

This 20-drawer rolling cart that sits next to my craft cabinet gets so much use! There are so many different versions of these rolling carts that include different amounts of drawers and different sizes of drawers. You can pick the one that fits your needs the best. I chose a shaded white and gray rolling cart (which is no longer available but very similar to this clear drawer cart) and I purchased this colorful version for my kids craft supplies.

A large storage cart with drawers has a printer and books on the top.

The left side of the organizer holds supplies like paper, ink, tape, glue, and felt. Sheets of 9″x12″ felt fit perfectly in the drawers. I love having my printer paper right next to the my printer, especially because I switch a lot between regular printer paper and the 110lb card stock I use for most of my printable crafts.

The printer I used is an Epson EcoTank which I love. The ink lasts a really long time and it prints well on a variety of paper including my 110lb index paper.

The top few drawers of the storage cart show ink supplies and paper.

The right side of this organizer is for holding projects that are in process. I usually have a bunch of projects in various stages and need a place to keep everything for each project together. These drawers are perfect for this. They pull out easily so I can take them to my sewing machine, desk or another part of the house to work on.

Drawers pulled out showing different works in progress.

There you have it! These are my favorite storage solutions in my craft area! I chose things that were really neutral since I haven’t decided how we want to decorate the rest of this room. Once we do, I can easily add any color I want to this space and it will go with the rest of the room!


More Craft Room Organization Projects

Below are a few more projects I have made for my craft area with tutorials you can find here on my blog.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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