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Celtic Knot Shamrock Embroidery Hoop with HTV

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Create a beautiful Celtic knot shamrock embroidery hoop using Heat Transfer Vinyl and embroidery! This mixed media project makes a special decoration for St. Patrick’s Day or any time of year! 

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DIY St. Patrick's Day celtic shamrock embroidery hoop made using HTV and embroidery.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today’s craft project is a fun mixed media craft that combines Heat Transfer Vinyl with simple embroidery. I love creating embroidery hoops using HTV. It’s a quick project that is perfect for holiday decor. 

I used my Cricut Explore and green Cricut Iron-On to cut out a beautiful Celtic shamrock design. The design is so intricate and striking on it’s own you don’t need to add embroidery, however I love the extra detail it gives the hoop!

Using green embroidery thread, I added a simple running stitch around the border of each clover leaf keeping my stitches in-between the lines of the HTV. After that I added a bit more stitching inside the four Trinity knots at the center of the design. For this section, I used a stem stitch and the same green floss. The stem stitch creates a raised rope stitch that adds subtle dimension to the design.

The trinity knots are stitched using green floss and a stem stitch.

I framed the design in a 9″ wooden embroidery hoop that I painted and distressed with green acrylic paint. You could also stain the hoop using gel stain or leave the hoop it’s original bamboo color. 

Celtic Shamrock embroidery hoop is displayed in a wooden easel.

Below is the tutorial for creating your own Celtic embroidery hoop. It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day but it could also be displayed all year round to celebrate your Irish heritage. 

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Supplies Needed

Cutting the Design

Start by cutting out the design using your cutting machine. Use my Cricut Design Space file which is already formatted to fit a 9″ embroidery hoop. The design uses the top layer of image #M25085A76 Shamrock Mandala. 

Shamrock embroidery design in Cricut Design Space.

Don’t forget to hide the embroidery hoop layer, then cut out the design from green Iron-On. 

Green HTV is cut on a Cricut Explore machine.

This design is intricate and will take a bit of time to weed. You can use a lightbox, like the Cricut BrightPad if you are having trouble seeing. I took my time and made sure to hold my design up to the light to make sure I weeded everything I needed to!

Shamrock HTV design is weeded using a Cricut weeding tool.

HTV design is weeded.

Painting the Hoop

You can paint your embroidery hoop green as I did, stain it, or leave it as is. Since I was using a beige cloth, I thought the green would be a fun pop of color around the edges of the design. I painted the hoop with acrylic paint and then immediately rubbed some of it off using a piece of paper towel to give the hoop a distressed look. I gave it a coat of sealer once the paint was dry.

Embroidery hoop is painted green.

Weeded shamrock design lays next to an embroidery hoop and cotton fabric.

Ironing the HTV Image

Center the design on a piece of cotton fabric that measures 11″ x 11″. Use an iron or a heat press to transfer the image. This was my first time using the Cricut Heat Press! I had a lot of fun using it but found it worked better with the Cricut heat pad underneath than a towel. 

Shamrock HTV design is applies to cotton laying next to a Cricut Heat Press.

Green HTV shamrock on a square piece of cotton.

Frame the Design and Embroider

Center the design in the 9″ embroidery hoop, being gentle as you stretch it and tighten the hoop. As you are tightening the hoop and getting the fabric taught, be sure to check that you aren’t warping the design.

Shamrock design is stretched in the green embroidery hoop.

Once the design is in the hoop, grab some green embroidery floss and start stitching. I used two strands of floss and added a running stitch around the border of each leaf and a few stitches in the center diamond of the design.

Green embroidery floss and embroidery needles lay next to shamrock embroidery hoop.

A simple running stitch is added between the heat transfer vinyl design.

After the running stitch, I used a stem stitch to fill in the inside of all four Trinity knots (Triquetras). This video, from NeedlenThread, will show you how to both a simple running stitch and a simple stem stitch. You can use any stitch you’d like and add embroidery anywhere within the design. 

The trinity knots are stitched using green floss and a stem stitch.

Finishing the Hoop

Once you are done embroidering the design, your hoop just needs to be finished off and you are done! Start by cutting the fabric so there is about 1-1.5″ of fabric left around the hoop.

Fabric is trimmed around the embroidery hoop leaving about 1" around.

Using a couple strands of embroidery floss or thread, stitch around the edge of the fabric using a small running stitch. Pull the thread and gather the fabric to the back of the hoop. 

Cotton fabric is gathered on the back of the embroidery hoop.

You can leave your hoop as is or cover the back with felt or cardstock. I chose to cover the back of mine with cardstock. I put a line of clear glue along the back of my hoop then set it on a piece of 12″x 12″ cardstock. The hoop sat overnight with a few books on top of it and then I used a scissors to trim the paper away. 

Embroidery hoop is glued to a piece of green cardstock.

Finished embroidery hoop featuring shamrock design.

The hoop is finished and ready to be displayed! Hang it with a piece of ribbon on the wall or use an easel to display it on a shelf or mantel. I love how the hoop turned out!

DIY St. Patrick's Day celtic shamrock embroidery hoop made using HTV and embroidery.

Celtic Shamrock embroidery hoop is displayed in a wooden easel.

DIY St. Patrick's Day celtic shamrock embroidery hoop made using HTV and embroidery.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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