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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Gnome Planter

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Learn how to make a cute St. Patrick’s Day gnome planter using a mason jar, paper and faux fur! Free PDF pattern and SVG cut file to help you get started!

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DIY St. Patrick's Day gnome mason jars with green plants sticking out of their paper hats.

Hello Crafty Friends! St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and to celebrate I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make the cutest little St. Patrick’s Day gnome planters. These gnomes are so fun! Made with a mason jar, cardstock and a little bit of faux fur, these leprechaun gnomes double as a vase or planter.

Use one of the gnomes to decorate for the holiday or gift to someone special! They would also make a festive gift for the office. Use the gnome planters to hold a seasonal shamrock plant, flowers or use it as a pencil holder.

Two St. Patrick's Day leprechaun gnome planters face each other; one has a shamrock plant in it the other green flowers.

For my St. Patrick’s gnomes I decided to make one a vase with bright green flowers and the other a planter with a cute shamrock plant. The hat is made from cardstock and you can use my free PDF or SVG cut file to help you make it. 

Below is the tutorial for making your own leprechaun gnomes for St. Patrick’s Day! Looking for more St. Patrick’s Day projects? Check out my St. Patrick’s Day craft page for more fun DIY craft tutorials for the holiday!

A mason jar gnome with a green top hat a shamrock plant coming out of it.

How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Gnome Planters

Supplies Needed:

Supplies including paper, faux fur, wooden balls, a mason jar, green paint, double-sided tape and a glue bun.

Paint the Mason Jars

Start by painting a mason jar green. You can use acrylic paint, chalk paint or spray paint. I used what I had on hand which was multi-surface acrylic paint. It took me about 4 coats of acrylic paint to get the opaque color I was going for since my paint was not the best paint to use on glass. If you use acrylic paint, using a coat of primer will help a lot. Chalk paint, which doesn’t require a primer at all, would also be a great option! 

Two mason jars painted green lay next to a bottle of green acrylic paint.

Making the Gnome Hat

Use the free printable PDF pattern or SVG cut file to cut out the four pieces needed to make the hat. I used a gold glitter paper for the buckle. You can get the free files by filling out the form at the end of this post. I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the pieces.

Four pieces cut from paper to form the hat lay next to each other.

Adhere the strip of black paper towards to the green paper, then add the gold buckle. I used Scor-Tape, a strong double-sided adhesive, and a glue stick.

A strip of black paper is adhered to the long strip of green paper.

Place the brim of the hat on the jar. It may take a little gentle nudging to get it over the ridges of the jar, but then it will just fall into place and rest at the top of the jar. The brim is kept separate from the rest of the hat so you can remove the top hat portion if you need to. 

Paper hat rims added to each mason jar.

Paper hat brims sit around the opening of a mason jar.

Wrap the top hat around the har and mark where it should be adhered. I made my hats just loose enough that they could easily slide on and off the jar. 

Green paper hats sit in front of mason jars painted green.

Two mason jars painted green with green paper top hats on them.

Cutting the Beard

Use the beard template to cut a beard for your gnome. Trace the template on the wrong side of the fur using a Sharpie marker. 

The outline of a beard is drawn on the back of the faux fur.

Cut the fur using a sharp scissors from the back side, just cutting through the back layer of fabric. Once you get started you can just slide your scissors in against the fabric backing and cut it out without needing to cut through the fur as well. This will keep the fur on the front of the beard looking natural. 

Faux fur is cut with a sharp scissors through just the back layer.

Two fake fur bears lay on a table.

I haven’t used faux fur in years and made a few mistakes remembering the best way to cut it. So hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!! First I cut it from the front side – as soon as I saw what it looked like I remembered, nope, that’s not how you cut fur! The second time I cut my beard I cut it along the top of my faux fur sheet and the staple markings from the packaging were visible – oops! Thankfully third time was a charm :) 

Three fur beards in a row, the first two have frown faces next to them because they were cut wrong, the third was cut correctly and has a smiley face next to it.

Use hot glue to adhere the beard along the top of the jar. I kept the hat on to figure out the placement of the beard but took it off for the picture. 

Fake fur beard is glued to the front of the mason jar.

The green paper top hat is added to the top of the mason jar.

Adding the Nose!

Finally, use hot glue to add a cute wooden bead to the top of the beard to act as the gnome nose! You can separate some of the hair at the top of the beard to look like a mustache before adding the wooden bead.

Two mason jars decorated to look like gnomes have bears, wooden noses and green top hats.

Using the Gnome Planters

The mason jar gnomes make the cutest vases and planters! I carefully filled one up with water and used it to hold green flowers I found at our local supermarket. Because the hats are made from paper, you do need to be a bit careful with water, especially with refilling the vase. 

A mason jar vase with green flowers is decorated to look like a leprechaun gnome.

For my second gnome I used it to plant a shamrock plant. I removed the top of the paper hat and filled the jar 3/4 of the way with potting soil. In retrospect, I could have done this before ever adding the beard and nose since I did get some soil in the beard that I had to brush out. I then added the plant and watered it.

Since the shamrock was a small plant, I was able to gather it up and slip the top hat over it. If that doesn’t work, you could also have someone hold the plant up while you wrap the paper hat around it and adhere it that way. I think it will depend a lot on your plant and it’s size! 

A mason jar gnome with a green top hat a shamrock plant coming out of it.

The gnome plants turned out SO cute!! I picked up some rainbow colored faux fur and can’t want to make an Easter bunny version! 

DIY St. Patrick's Day gnome mason jars with green plants sticking out of their paper hats.

St. Patrick's Day DIY Gnome Plants.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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