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Tissue Paper Mache Mason Jar

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Create these fun and colorful mason jars using tissue paper mache! Decorate with a black vinyl design cut with your Cricut cutting machine. These paper mache mason jars can be used for so many different things and make a sweet gift for someone special.

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Colorful paper mache mason jars are filled with pencils and flowers.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m sharing a tutorial for making these fun, brightly colored, mason jars using tissue paper mache. They are simple to make and can be used for so many different things. Use one as a vase, a pencil holder on your desk, or fill it with candy and gift to someone special!

My daughter made these two mason jars to give as gifts this Mother’s Day. After she covered them with tissue paper, we decided to add black vinyl designs to the front of the jars using my Cricut. We chose designs with thin outlines so the colorful tissue paper would show through. 

A mason jar covered in colorful pieces of tissue paper; a black vinyl rose design decorates the front of the jar.

We used colorful tissue paper cut into small squares but you can choose to cut the tissue into any shapes you’d like. Below is the tutorial along with a link to my Design Space file to use the same rose and heart designs we used.

How to Make Paper Mache Mason Jars

Supplies Needed

Colorful tissue paper, glue, mason jars and black vinyl.

How to Paper Mache the Jar

Step One: Cut the tissue paper into small pieces. We organized our cut pieces in a little art tray I had. An old muffin tin would also work or you can lay them on a paper plate. We cut our tissue paper into squares but you could cut them into any small shape you’d like!

A white tray is filled with colorful tissue paper cut into small squares.

Step Two: Make the paper mache paste. In a paper cup, mix 1 part white school glue to 2 parts water. 

Step Three: Paper mache the jars. Use a paintbrush to cover an area of the jar with paper mache paste, then apply the little pieces of tissue paper one at a time. After placing the shape, you can go over it with a little more glue. I showed my daughter how to gently go over the tissue paper with the brush so she didn’t rip the paper or tear the pieces up.

Continue adding shapes until the entire jar is covered. You can overlap pieces creating fun new colors. Once the jar is covered, give it another coat of glue to seal everything. 

A child paper maches a jar using small and colorful pieces of tissue paper.

Two mason jars paper mached in small pieces of colorful tissue paper.

Step Four: Add a vinyl design to the front of the jar. This step is optional but so fun! We picked out designs that were outlines of hearts and flowers in Cricut Design Space and I cut them from black vinyl using my Cricut Explore. Here is a link to my Design Space file with the two designs we chose.

 After cutting out the design, weed it using a weeding tool. 

Black vinyl images are weeded using a Cricut weeding tool.

Use Transfer Tape to apply the design to the front of the mason jar. I used an old piece of Transfer tape that had been used on another project. This was perfect because it wasn’t as sticky as a new piece. If using a brand new piece of tape, I recommend sticking it to a surface a few times to make it less sticky. If it’s too sticky it may peel up the tissue paper. 

The back of the vinyl decal is peeled up leaving the vinyl design on the transfer tape.

Gently apply the design. You need to be a little careful that your Transfer Tape doesn’t peel up any of the tissue paper. If the pieces have been sealed with glue they should stay in place, but press down on just the area of the design and remove the tape carefully as soon as you can. 

A black vinyl rose design is applied to the top of the mason jar using transfer tape.

A black vinyl rose design on a colorful mason jar.

Step Five: Cover the top of the mason jar with ribbon. Since we weren’t using the jars with their lids, I wrapped the top of the jars in ribbon using hot glue. 

The top of the mason jar wrapped in black ribbon.

Ribbon bows added to the top of the jar.

The jars are finished! I love how colorful these jars are. My daughter is so excited with how they turned out and can’t wait to gift them to her grandmothers this Mother’s Day :) Visit my Mother’s Day Craft Page for more gift ideas and visit my Kid’s Craft Page for more fun crafts kids will love making!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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