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DIY Christmas Place Card Ornaments

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Create these festive DIY Christmas place card ornaments for your holiday table in Cricut Design Space. These make wonderful place cards and favors for your holiday dinner guests.

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12 Days of Holiday Crafts by Crafting CheerfullyChristmas ornament place card holder lays on a plate at a holiday place setting.

It’s the ninth day of “12 Days of Holiday Crafts” and today I’m sharing a tutorial for making DIY Christmas place cards ornaments. These place cards make a great addition to your holiday table! Made with clear acrylic ornaments and vinyl, these are a fun Christmas craft you can make with your cutting machine. I used my Cricut Explore and files found in Cricut Design Space.

Clear acrylic ornaments used as holiday place cards.

If you are hosting family and friends for the holiday, these ornaments pull double-duty as both place cards and favors. Guests can take one home and hang it on their Christmas tree. If you host the same group each year, you can save these and use them as place cards year after year.

Since these ornaments are clear, they will look best against a white or cream plate or napkin. If you have patterned plates, you can use white ornaments instead of clear to create your place cards. 

Christmas ornament place card holder lays on a plate at a holiday place setting.

Below is the tutorial for how to make these place card ornaments, including a step-by-step picture tutorial for how to design the ornament in Cricut Design Space.

How to Make Christmas Place Card Ornaments

Supplies Needed:

Create the Ornament Design in Cricut Design Space

These ornaments were designed and created in Cricut Design Space. I used two images, including the “Wreath with Poinsettia” and “Merry Christmas” message. You may want to use a basic circle shape that is the same size as your ornament to help you create the design. Just remember to hide it before cutting! 

Files from Cricut Design Space used to make the place card ornaments.

Start a new project in Cricut Design Space and insert the image “Wreath with Poinsettia.” Size it to fit your ornament. My acrylic ornaments were 3″ so I made my image 2.75″ wide. Ungroup the image so it becomes two separate layers with the red pieces on one layer and the green on another. I changed the colors of my pieces to a dark green and red to match my green vinyl and red adhesive foil.

Holiday wreath shown in Cricut Design Space.

Next, add the image “Merry Christmas.” Ungroup the image so there are three separate layers and delete the yellow star layer. I decided to delete the small yellow stars since they would be so tiny. Change the colors for the remaining two layers so they match the colors you used in your wreath image.

Holiday wreath with the words "Merry Christmas" shown in Cricut Design Space.

Add a name in the blank spot left underneath “Merry Christmas.” I used the font “Rockwell Condensed” and made my names red.

Holiday wreath with the words "Merry Christmas" and the name "Ethan" shown in Cricut Design Space.

After the design is done, you will need to prepare it for cutting. Highlight the green layer from the wreath image and the green “Merry” and attach them. Next, highlight the red layer from the wreath image, the red “Christmas” and the red name you added and attach them. Your design will now cut on two mats, red and green, and the images will be spaced correctly. 

When it’s time to change the name, simply un-attach the red layers, change the name, and re-attach them. You could also duplicate the design for the number of ornaments you are making, change all of the names at once, and cut multiple ornaments at one time. 

Holiday wreath with the words "Merry Christmas" and the name "Ethan" shown in Cricut Design Space.

Two cricut mats with red and green on them are shown ready to be cut.

For my ornaments, I used green Everyday Vinyl and red Metallic Adhesive Foil. I love the shine the foil has!

Red and green vinyl pieces lay on a black cutting mat next to a Cricut weeding tool.

Apply the Design to the Ornaments

Start by weeding the designs carefully. 

Weeded designs for the ornament place cards lay on a black cutting mat.

Use Cricut Transfer Tape to apply the vinyl and foil to the ornaments. Start by first applying the red layer to the green layer using the Transfer Tape, then apply the entire design to the clear ornament.

Clear transfer tape is used to transfer the vinyl to the clear acrylic ornaments.

Layers of vinyl are combined to create the ornament place cards.

Vinyl is applied to a clear acrylic ornament.

Add a Hanging Loop

Add a ribbon bow to the top of the ornament, threading the ribbon through the holes in the acrylic ornament. Add a hanging loop with the same ribbon.

Clear acrylic ornaments used as holiday place cards.

Setting the Table

The Christmas place card ornaments are finished! I love how these turned out and how lovely they look on our holiday table. I paired the ornament place cards with vintage cloth napkins from my grandmother. I folded the napkins into a bow and used green ribbon to hold them. The bows are perfect because they hide the ends of the hanging loop. I followed this tutorial by Made by Fate to fold my napkins into bows and used green ribbon instead of napkin rings. Apartment Therapy also has a great video for folding napkin bows.

Christmas ornament place card holder lays on a plate at a holiday place setting.

I hope you enjoyed this fun Cricut Christmas craft! If you’re interested in more craft ideas for your cutting machine, check out these holiday tutorials! 


Happy Crafting! -Kim

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