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DIY Glam Red Carpet Treat Boxes

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Learn how to create these glam red carpet treat boxes for your awards show viewing party!

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The Academy Awards are coming up soon and these DIY Red Carpet Treat Boxes make a glamorous addition to any viewing party! I have always loved watching the Oscars – especially the red carpet coverage before the awards start. These treat boxes are designed to look like a tuxedo and beaded gown you may see walking the red carpet.

Three tuxedo treat boxes in a row with red tissue paper sticking out of them.

These boxes come together fairly quickly. The most time-consuming part is definitely cutting them out. If you are making a lot of them, I like doing them in assembly- line construction – where I cut them all out at the same time (preferably while catching up on some Netflix), and then do all of the scoring and then all of the adhering. This way just seems easier when doing a bunch at one time.

Supplies Needed:

Whether you watch the Academy Awards at a party or in your jammies on your couch, I hope you have fun :)Happy Crafting! -Kim

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