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Patriotic Star Boxes – Free SVG Cut File!

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Learn how to make these patriotic DIY star treat boxes for the Fourth of July using cardstock and a cutting machine. Grab the free SVG cut file or PDF pattern to create your own!

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Red, white and blue patriotic star boxes.

Hello Crafty Friends! With Fourth of July right around the corner, I wanted to share these patriotic star boxes that make fun party favors and gifts for the holiday. 

Create these boxes using red, white and blue cardstock and either cut them with a cutting machine or by hand. I used my Cricut Explore and making these was a quick project. You only need two supplies – cardstock and adhesive. The boxes are a great size for small treats, candy and even tiny gifts. 

Square star boxes are stacked in a tower.

While I decided to make my boxes for the Fourth, you could use this same SVG cut file to create star boxes for other occasions. Use silver, black and gold cardstock to create party favors for a Hollywood or Broadway-themed party.

You could use dark blue cardstock or galaxy-printed paper to make space-themed treat boxes! These could even be made for Christmas using classic Christmas colors.

This cut file is incredibly versatile and can be used for many different events and occasions! I hope you enjoy using it to make something fun!

Three square boxes with a star cut out of the top made with red, white and blue cardstock.

Patriotic Star Boxes

Choosing the Paper

For my treat boxes, I like to choose a sturdy cardstock that is also solid core. Solid core means the paper is the same color on the outside as it is on the inside.

White core, or printed cardstock, is paper that is colored on just the front and back and the inside is white. I find when cutting with my cutting machine, that solid core cardstock gives a more polished look and there are no white “paper fuzzines” visible that may distract from the design.

For these boxes, I used textured cardstock that is 80lb, a combination of cardstock from AC Cardstock and Park Lane. The sturdier cardstock will hold up better so I recommend using cardstock between 60lbs and 80lbs.  If the boxes will be holding something heavy, add a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the box after it is assembled. 

A red and white star box sits on a wooden table.

Supplies Needed

Red, white and blue sheets of cardstock, double-sided tape and a standard cutting mat.

Prepare the File in Cricut Design Space

Download and save the free patriotic box file to your computer. Start a new project in Cricut Design Space and upload the file. Insert the file into your project. Start by selecting the entire project and ungrouping the image. 

Patriotic star box in Cricut Design Space.

The cut file includes score lines for both the box lid and box bottom. If your cutting machine does not have score lines, I recommend deleting these layers and scoring the boxes by hand using the scoring guide included with the cut file.

If your machine has a scoring stylus like my Cricut Explore, highlight these layers and change their operation from basic cut to score.

Patriotic star box in Cricut Design Space.

Next, attach the score lines to the layer they belong to using the attach button at the bottom right. The group will move to the top of the layers panel and the word “Attach” will appear on top of the group. 

Patriotic star box in Cricut Design Space.

Patriotic star box in Cricut Design Space.

The box is ready to cut. You can change the colors of the pieces and also the size. If you do resize the box, be sure to select everything before resizing to make sure the lid will fit the bottom of the box. 

Cutting the Star Boxes

Step One: Cut the three box pieces. One box will fit on a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper and two boxes will fit on a 12″ x 12″ piece of paper. 

You can also use the PDF and cut these boxes out by hand. Use a craft knife and a self-healing mat to carefully cut out the area around the star. 

Pieces for patriotic star box cut out and sitting next to rolls of double-sided tape.

Assembling the Star Boxes

Step Two: Fold the box along the score lines. Use a bone folder to go over the folded edges for crisp folds.

Lid and box bottom cut from red cardstock.

Step Three: Place the square piece of paper behind the lid cut out. I used 1/8″ Scor-Tape around the edges of the square and attached it. You can use cardstock as I did or use clear craft plastic to create a peekaboo window.

Red paper lid with a star cut out, a square of white paper and a roll of double-sided tape.

A piece of white paper is placed on the inside of the lid.

The lid of a patriotic star box has a star cut out of it.

Step Four: Use double-sided tape to adhere the box pieces together. I used 1/2″ Scor-Tape on the flaps for the bottom of the box and the box lid. 

Double-sided tape is added to the tabs on the lid and bottom of the box.

A red and white square box with a star cut out of the lid is open resting on a table.

A red and white star box sits on a wooden table.

Repeat the process and make as many cute boxes as you’d like! I mixed and matched my red, white and blue papers to create different color combinations for each of my three boxes.

Red, white and blue boxes with stars cut out of the lids.

Fill the Boxes

The boxes are assembled and ready to be filled with sweet treats! These make adorable party favors and are perfect for the Fourth of July!

The cardstock you use is most likely not food-safe, so I recommend using wrapped treats. You could also put unwrapped treats like cookies into clear plastic bags before they go into the boxes, or wrap them in parchment paper.

Red, white and blue patriotic star boxes.

Three square boxes with a star cut out of the top made with red, white and blue cardstock.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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