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DIY Halloween Ghost Ornaments

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Create spooky Halloween ghost ornaments using craft plastic! These cute ghosts are a fun DIY Halloween decoration for the holiday! Use my free ghost template to get started!

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White plastic ghost ornaments hang from a black tree.

Spooky season is here and its time to make some fun Halloween decorations for your home! These cute ghost ornaments are made from craft plastic and are an easy DIY. The craft plastic is slightly see-through making these ghosts extra eerie. 

Hang the ghost ornaments from a small fake tree like this black branch tree. You can also grab a branch from your yard and place it in a vase for an easy spot to hang these ghosts. 

White ghost ornament hangs from a black tree.

For these ghost ornaments, I chose to make them in all different shapes and vary their facial expressions. Since I prefer “cute” Halloween decorations, some of my ghosts have smiles and pink cheeks! I used thick craft plastic by Grafix and chose to leave the protective film on to give them a white appearance that is still see-through. If you remove the protective film the ghosts will be clear.

How to Make Spooky Ghost Ornaments

Supplies Needed

Ghost template, craft plastic, hole punch, scissors, black Sharpie, pencil, pen and pink acrylic paint.

Creating the Ghost Ornaments

Step One: Cut out the ghost ornaments. Lay my printable ghost template underneath a sheet of craft plastic and trace them with a ballpoint pen. Carefully cut them out using a sharp scissors. Cutting them out can be difficult around the curves so be sure to take your time and use a sharp scissors.

I chose to leave the protective film on both sides my craft plastic. I did not have any issues with it peeling up after cutting out my ghosts. You could choose to remove one side of the protective film for slightly more see-through ghosts.

Lots of ghost shapes cut from craft plastic lay on a black cutting mat next to a scissors.

Step Two: Punch a hole in the top of each ghost shape. I used a 1/8″ hole punch. 

Ghost shapes with holes punched in the top lay next to a hole punch.

Step Three: Add faces to the ghost ornaments. Use a Sharpie marker to draw eyes and a mouth on each ghost. 

A Sharpe marker is used to add faces to the ghost ornaments.

To add cute pink cheeks to the ghost, use the eraser end of pencil and pink acrylic paint to stamp two cheeks.

A pencil dipped in pink paint makes cheeks on a ghost ornament.

Step Four: Finally, add a hanging loop to each ghost ornament. Once the ghost faces are dry, add a short hanging loop using yarn, string, ribbon or Baker’s Twine as I did.

Ghost ornaments lay on a black cutting mat with faces and hanging loops.

Ghost ornaments lay on a black cutting mat with faces and hanging loops.

The ghost ornaments are done! Hang them on a tree or branch to add spooky decor to your home this Halloween season! These cute ghosts would also make a fun banner without the hanging loops. 

Ghost Halloween ornaments hang from a spooky black tree.

White plastic ghost ornaments hang from a black tree.

I love creating Halloween crafts for the season! From Haunted House treat boxes to Glow-in-the-dark Halloween wreaths, creating spooky (yet cute) crafts are my favorite! 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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