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Cute DIY Easter Bunny Vase

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Create a sweet Easter bunny vase for the Easter holiday using two vases, paint and chipboard. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for a holiday meal or fun decor for the entire spring season.

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Easter bunny vase with flowers coming out of a teal top hat.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to share a new Easter craft tutorial with you, this time for a DIY Easter bunny vase! I had a lot of fun creating this Easter centerpiece using two vases stacked together. I made a similar snowman vase for Christmas a couple years ago and have loved bringing it out each holiday season. For Easter I thought it would be fun to create a bunny version I could leave out for the entire spring season!

This bunny vase is made using paint, paper, ribbon and two vases. Finding vases for this project is the most important part as they are stacked together to create the cute top hat. I already had the tall blue vase so I just needed to find a shorter vase with a wide enough opening so I could set the tall vase inside it. I found a great terra cotta vase at Joann Fabrics that was perfect!

Easter bunny vase with flowers coming out of a teal top hat.

I hope you enjoy creating this sweet Easter vase! It would make an adorable centerpiece for an Easter meal but it would also be a sweet centerpiece for a baby shower or bunny-themed birthday party. It could even be altered slightly to be a white rabbit centerpiece at an Alice in Wonderland-themed party!

How to Make an Easter Bunny Vase

Supplies Needed:

Step By Step Tutorial

Step One: Paint the vases. Start by painting the two vases. Paint the short vase white to be the bunny’s face, then paint the tall vase teal (or any color you’d like) to be the bunny’s top hat.

A short terra cotta vase, a tall blue glass vase and two bottles of paint.

A short white vase sits next to a teal teal vase.

Next, paint a cute bunny face on the white vase. I drew my face on the vase with pencil first, then went over it with black Sharpie. I used a pink colored pencil to add the cute cheeks and filled in the nose with pink acrylic paint.

A cute bunny face on a white pot with a bottle of pink paint, pink colored pencil and black Sharpie marker.

Step Two: Create the top hat. I created the brim of the top hat using chipboard. It rests on top of the smaller and wider vase and has an opening for the tall vase to fit inside it. I kept the brim separate from the tall vase so that the tall vase can be removed and easily filled with flowers. This also makes it easier to water the flowers without getting the brim wet.

Start by tracing the bottom of the tall vase onto a piece of chipboard.

A pencil tracing around the bottom of a teal vase onto chipboard.

Use a ruler to add a second circle that is 1.5″ away from the first traced circle. 

A second circle is drawn around the first using a ruler and pencil.

Two circles drawn on chipboard.

Carefully cut out the brim and make sure the tall vase can fit inside it. You may need to trim a little away so that it can easily fit around the tall vase. Next, paint the brim the same color as your tall vase, for me this was teal. Once it has dried, place it under a stack of books to help make it lay flat. This brim will sit on top of the short vase with the tall vase inside it creating the illusion of a top hat. 

White funny face with a tall teal vase placed inside it; a teal cardboard hat brim sits on top of the lower vase.

Step Three: Use ribbon to add a bowtie and hat band. I used really cute plaid ribbon I found at Michael’s craft store. I doubled it to create a wider hat band and used hot glue to attach both the hand band and a bowtie.

Step Four: Add bunny ears and flowers to the hat brim! Cut two bunny ears from white cardstock and add pink paper to the center each ear. I used 110lb white paper so they are nice and sturdy. Glue the bottom of them to the top of the hat brim using hot glue.

Two bunny ears made from white and pink paper.

Add small flowers to decorate the hat brim between the two ears.

Tiny craft flowers in pastel colors lay in front of the bunny vase.

Five small craft flowers on the brim of the teal top hat.

The bunny vase is finished! I filled my tall vase with a bouquet of spring flowers and place it in the shorter vase. I have been enjoying the flowers all week long.

The two vases that create the bunny vase are separated; the taller vase has flowers in it.

I hope you enjoyed this cute bunny centerpiece! If you’d like to view more Easter-themed crafts, visit my Easter crafts page

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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