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10 Fun Board Games for Preschoolers!

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This is our list of top 10 favorite board games for preschoolers. This list includes award winning games, cooperative games, and most importantly games your kids will love!
10 Fun Games for Preschooolers

Summer vacation has officially started for us! While we try to spend as much time outside as we can, rainy days and naptimes for my youngest, give us of plenty of time for indoor fun. Board games are one of our favorite ways to pass the time. They are great for keeping the TV off, allowing for quality time together, and a fun way to practice reading and counting skills. We seem to have a really great batch of board games right now that our kids absolutely love playing – and that don’t drive me totally crazy when we play them over and over again – so I thought I’d share some of our favorites.

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1. Hoot Owl Hoot

This award winning cooperative game is a hoot to play ;) Help all six owls get back to their nest before the sun comes up! This is a color coded game so it is perfect for little ones. It is fun to play with just two people or as group. It is great for practicing how to work together and also strategy!

10 Fun Board Games for Preschoolers - Hoot Owl Hoot

2. Silly Street 

If you are looking for a fun game to get everyone moving and laughing, then Silly Street is perfect! Another award winning game, this one reminds me of Cranium for preschoolers – there’s a little bit of everything. You make your way across the game board by drawing cards and completing the tasks on them. One card may have everyone trying to stand on one foot like a flamingo, the next card may ask you to name as many red fruits as you can think of! This is a great family game! A fun bonus – the game board is huge and goes together like a puzzle!

10 Fun Board Games for Preschoolers - Silly Street

3. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

This adorable game is great for little ones who are learning their colors and not yet reading. Children will spin the color spinner and then pick up the matching acorn piece to place in their stump. The first player to fill their stump with five acorns wins! The tweezers are shaped like a squirrel and are great for fine motor skills.

10 Fun Board Games for Preschoolers - The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

4. Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

This seek-and-find game is a great family game. Everyone works together making their way to the ferry before the pigs eat the picnic! Along the way, you may draw a Goldbug Mystery card. These cards ask everyone to help solve a mystery by spotting things on the board game. The game board is large – perfect for a group to gather around!

10 Fun Board Games for Preschoolers - Richard Scarry's Busytown, Eye found it!

5. Little Red Riding Hood

This puzzle game is meant for 1 player making it the perfect ”quiet time” game. Your little one will arrange the puzzle pieces to create a path for Little Red Riding Hood to get to Grandma’s cottage. This game has multiple challenge levels starting with creating one path for Little Red but later adding another path for the wolf to get to Grandma’s cottage too. It also comes with a fun storybook!

10 Fun Board Games for Preschoolers - Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe

6. Yeti in My Spaghetti

This silly game is sure to get your kids laughing! Each player takes a turn removing a string of spaghetti while trying not to let the Yeti fall into the bowl! This game won the 2017 TOTY Game of the Year Award.

10 Fun Games for Preschoolers - Yeti in My Spaghetti

7. Candy Land

You can’t go wrong with a classic like Candy Land! Follow the colorful rainbow path through the land of sweets, passing iconic places like Peppermint Forest and Licorice Lagoon. The first one to reach King Candy’s Castle wins the game! This game is a great beginner game and easy for very young players who are learning their colors.

10 Fun Games for Preschoolers - Candyland

8. Count Your Chickens

Another cooperative board game from the same makers as Hoot Owl Hoot, Count Your Chickens is a cute game that is great for counting practice! The object is to get all 40 chickens to the hen house before the mother hen returns. This is a fun and quick game you can play a few times in a row.

10 Fun Games for Preschoolers - Count Your Chickens

9. Life on Earth Memory Matching Game

This is one of the nicest memory matching games I have seen! The cards are beautiful, featuring pictures by book illustrator Melissa Sweet, and they are made from thick cardboard so they hold up really well. We started using this as a matching game when my little ones were 2 and 3 by leaving the cards face up.

10 Fun Games for Preschoolers - Life on Earth Matching Game

10. Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes Game

If your kids love Pete the Cat, this game will be a lot of fun! Pete the Cat is having a birthday party and he needs help getting all the cupcakes back from Grumpy Toad. Kids help Pete by acting things out, singing, making animal sounds and naming things like yummy foods they like to eat. This game comes with cute 3d cupcakes and the game markers are Pete’s friends.

10 Fun Games for Preschoolers - Pete the Cat The Missing Cupcakes Game


I hope you enjoyed this list! These are some of our favorite board games right now. Do your kids have a board game they absolutely love? Leave a comment and let me know! We are always on the lookout for new games we can play!

10 Fun Board Games for Preschoolers!

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