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DIY Hand Painted Stepping Stones

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Hand paint stepping stones using DecoArt Patio paint! The vibrant colors will brighten up your garden! 
DIY Hand Painted Garden Stepping Stones

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This time of year I love creating crafts for our garden! Last week I finished up these pretty stepping stones and added them to a new area of our garden. They are so bright and colorful and were so fun to paint! I used DecoArt’s Outdoor Patio Paint, so I didn’t have to prime or seal the stones! Super easy!

DIY Hand Painted Garden Stepping Stones

This new area of our garden had been overrun with prickly, icky weeds and was in desperate need of some TLC. Instead of purchasing new plants for this area we decided to split and transplant some of our existing plants. We moved some beautiful Pulmonaria (lungwart) from a spot that was getting too much sun and then split some of our hostas as they were coming up this spring. We ended up planting 63 plants, and they are all doing well in their new location!

DIY Hand Painted Garden Stepping Stones The inspiration for these stepping stones came from my children’s garden-themed books. They are such neat books and the illustrations are beautiful! I ended up making a bird, butterfly, bee, snail and frog. I applied a few coats of paint and was really pleased with how deep and vibrant the colors ended up. The stepping stones look bright and colorful in our garden. They add a nice pop of color to this shade garden. I’m excited for next year when the plants will be even bigger and have filled in.

Below you can see the five stones I made. I drew out my design in pencil and then painted the stones. I added a deeper shade of each background color to the edges of the stones to add dimension.

DIY Hand Painted Garden Stepping Stones

As I said before, I did use a few coats of paint to get the colors to pop. I worked the paint into the nooks and crannies of the stones and let it dry before applying the next layer. I didn’t add any paint to the sides of the stones since I knew I would be digging them into the dirt and the sides wouldn’t be visible.

DIY Hand Painted Garden Stepping Stones


DIY Hand Painted Garden Stepping Stones


I let the paint cure for at least 72 hours, as the directions say, before putting my stones outside. The bottles of paint say they are self-sealing so I didn’t apply anything on top of the paint design. I was a little nervous, but so far the paint hasn’t faded at all. They have been outside for about 2.5 weeks and it has rained a bunch of times since I put the them out there.

I’ll have to update this


post at the end of the summer to let you know how the stones faired. I’m planning on leaving them out all winter so that will be the ultimate test!

  • Update 4-23-19! I left the stones outside for the entire winter and the colors have not faded at all! I am actually a bit shocked but very happy!

Below you can see the stones added to the our garden. The colors are so rich. Unfortunately my pictures of the stones in our garden don’t really do them justice. I surrounded the stones with pine needles to keep the path from getting muddy after rain.

DIY Hand Painted Garden Stepping Stones

I purchased this set of 20 paints from Amazon DecoArt Acrylic Patio Paint and am happy I still have quite a bit left. My head is spinning with ideas of other things I can paint for our garden! My butterflies, that I made about four years ago from card board and tin foil, will not last forever, so I’m thinking of painting butterflies directly onto our fence. How cool would that look!?

Have a great week!

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