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Cozy Christmas Fabric Ornaments Made From a Charm Pack

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Create these warm and cozy Christmas fabric ornaments using a Charm Pack! Eight different winter-themed ornaments to hand sew this holiday season.

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An assortment of flannel fabric ornaments lay on a wooden table next to a Charm pack and an embroidery scissors.

Today I’m super excited to share these cozy Christmas fabric ornaments I made using fabric from a Charm Pack! I was recently fabric shopping and found a charm pack with gorgeous flannel fabrics. I thought the fabric would make the sweetest ornaments for a cozy winter-themed tree. I designed eight winter-themed ornaments that can all be made with a charm pack. The new pattern is now available in my new pattern shop, Designing Cheerfully!

The eight ornaments I designed are all things you would find on a chilly winter day: snow boots, winter hats, mittens, cozy sweaters, evergreen trees, ice skates, snowpal and a cup of hot cocoa. The ornaments are sized to fit 5″ squares of fabric so they can be cut from a charm pack.

For this project I used the charm pack, Yuletide Gatherings Flannels Charm Pack by Primitive Gatherings for Moda Fabrics (you can find this exact charm pack at Fat Quarter Shop or on Amazon).

While you can make these ornaments from any fabric, charms packs are nice because the prints will coordinate and often have the same print repeating in different colors. This was true with the flannels charm pack I used. I was able to make the same ornament in different colorways – red, green, gray.

Cozy winter ornaments including mittens and winter hats lay on a white wooden table.

The ornaments are made by layering fabric on top of stiffened felt. The stiffened felt provides just the right amount of structure for the ornaments. They are then embellished with simple embroidery, buttons and Pom Poms.

A stack of felt sits next to a charm pack, ribbon and buttons.

A red fabric ornament with as snowflake button on the brim and a red Pom Pom on top.

The ornaments are a perfect hand-sewing project to do while curled up watching your favorite Christmas movie. The hand stitching is a simple running, stitch making this a great project for beginners or for seasoned pros looking for a relaxing stitching project. You can use coordinating or contrasting embroidery floss to create different looks for your ornaments. I experimented with both on this set of ornaments.

Fabric ornaments including winter hats, mittens, tree and boot lay on a white wooden table.

Cute fabric ornaments including a red winter hat, white ice skate and cocoa mug lay on a white wooden table.

The flannels charm pack by Primitive Greetings had the perfect fabric for this project. The charm pack includes different flannels in cream, light and dark gray, red and green colors.

White snowman ornament lays on a white wooden table.

Lots of fabric ornaments lay on a wooden table.

The pattern is now available in my Etsy shop, Designing Cheerfully. The pattern includes templates and assembly instructions for all eight ornaments. Below are pictures of each ornament!

Winter Boot Ornament

This ornament is ready to take on the snow! I designed it to look like a classic duck boot lined in cozy flannel. Three small Xs are added with embroidery floss to represent the laces.

Two fabric winter boot ornaments lay on a white wooden table.

Sweater Ornaments

These sweater ornaments look cozy and warm! I made three sweater ornaments using the same print but in different colors. You could embroider a snowflake on the front of each or add a button as I did. 

Three flannel fabric ornaments lay on a wooden table in red, green and gray.

Mitten Ornaments

These mittens look warm and comfy! Choose two fabrics that compliment each other to make the mitten and the mitten ribbing. I embellished mine with snowflake buttons and coordinating thread. Make two of each color so you have a pair of mittens.

Mitten ornaments form a circle on top of a white wooden table.

Snowpal Ornaments

My pattern includes templates for two different snowpal ornaments. One wears a top hat and the other a snow hat. They are embellished with a small felt carrot nose and buttons. A snowflake button adorns each hat. The flannels charm pack really came with the perfect fabric for this ornament. These snowpals look warm and cozy – make one for everyone in your family!

Two fabric snowmen ornaments in scarves and hats lay on a white wooden table.

Winter Hat Ornaments

These winter hat ornaments are my favorite! I again made three ornaments using the same print in different colors. The houndstooth fabric was perfect for a warm winter hat. Snowflakes buttons adorn the brim of each hat and a handmade yarn Pom Pom is at the top! The pattern includes instructions for making your own Pom Poms by hand. 

Three winter hat ornaments in red, green and gray lay on a white wooden table.

Ice Skate Ornaments

The charm pack came with such beautiful cream fabrics I decided to make an ice skate ornament. I added a snowflake button and small diagonal stitch lines with french knots to mimic laces.

Ice skate ornament in cream plaid fabric has a white snowflake button on the top.

Winter Tree Ornaments

A winter scene wouldn’t be complete without a few evergreen trees. These trees are made by mixing and matching green fabrics with different prints. Add a snowflake or star button to the top to finish them off. 

Three Christmas tree ornaments made from flannel and felt lay on a white wooden table.

Hot Cocoa Mug Ornaments

After a fun day outside in the snow, a cup of hot cocoa is a must! These sweet hot cocoa mugs are made with two fabrics in the same print but different colors. A large red heart is appliqu├ęd to the top. You could also decorate your cocoa mugs with buttons!

Hot cocoa mug ornaments with red hearts on them lay on a white wooden table.

These ornaments were so fun to create. Pick up the pattern in my new Etsy Shop, Designing Cheerfully, and use it with a special Charm Pack. These will look beautiful on your holiday tree or make sweet gifts for family and friends. Skip adding hanging loops and attach them to a long piece of yarn with clothespins to make a cozy winter banner! 

Purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business :)

Happy Crafting! -Kim


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