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Pink Peppermint Gingerbread Girl Banner

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Learn how to make a sweet pink peppermint gingerbread girl banner using felt, scraps of pink fabric and white puffy paint! Grab my free template to get started.

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12 Days of Holiday Crafts by Crafting CheerfullyGingerbread girl banner with pink fabric peppermints.

It’s the 7th Day of my series “12 Days of Holiday Crafts” and today I’m sharing this sweet pink peppermint gingerbread girl banner! Its made using felt, scraps of fabric and puffy paint! 

I was recently reading an article from Etsy on popular trends for this upcoming holiday season and they listed “gingerbread girl” and I thought it was such a cute idea! I’ve made a gingerbread banner before from paper with classic red and white colors but thought it would be fun to make a version featuring just gingerbread girls and lots of fun pinks!

Cute brown felt gingerbread girl is attached to ribbon with a cute snowflake-embellished clothespin.

The pennants for this banner are made from felt using my free printable template. Using white puffy paint, I was able to decorate the gingerbread girls just like I would a cookie! 

For the pink peppermints, I used scraps of pink fabric I had in my fabric stash to add three pink swirls to each felt circle. Instead of stitching the fabric, I used white puffy paint to outline the shapes. This reminds me so much of the appliqué sweatshirts my mom made me in the 1990s. The appliquéd shapes were outlined in different colors of puffy paint and I just loved them! 

Felt gingerbread girl pennants and pink fabric peppermints.

Below is the tutorial to make your own pink peppermint gingerbread girl banner! You could follow this same tutorial and make ornaments or felt gift cards instead of pennants for a banner. 

Gingerbread Pink Peppermint Banner

Supplies Needed

Supplies including pink fabric, printable pattern, felt, white puffy paint and ribbon.

Step One: Cut out the gingerbread and peppermint shapes.

Start by printing the free printable. You can have it emailed to you by filling out the purple form at the end of this post. Once it is printed, cut out just the gingerbread girl and white circle shape. Leave the peppermint swirls connected on the paper. 

The pattern comes with wrappers on the peppermint, I chose not to use them but I kept them on the template in case you want to!

Template for the gingerbread girl and peppermint are cut out.

Trace the gingerbread girl and white circle shape onto the back of brown and white felt, then cut out the shapes with a sharp fabric scissors.

The gingerbread girl and peppermint are traced onto brown and white felt.

Brown felt gingerbread girl cutouts and white felt circles.

Step Two: Use fusible interfacing to cut the peppermint stripes.

To make the scrappy peppermint swirls, I used fusible interfacing. Since I wasn’t planning to stitch these appliquéd pieces, I used HeatNBond Ultrahold instead of the sewable kind I use when stitching. 

Lay the fusible interfacing over the peppermint swirl pattern, paper side up, and trace the peppermint shapes. I numbered my swirls in case the slight differences in the swirl pattern mattered. Bubble cut around each swirl leaving a border around each.

The peppermint spiral shapes are traced onto fusible interfacing.

Swirl shapes are cut out of the fusible interfacing.

Iron each peppermint swirl shape to the back of one of your pink fabric scraps. Cut out the swirl shapes directly on the pattern lines. Peel the paper backing off the swirls and iron three swirls to each white felt circle. Since everything is hand-cut, some edges of the swirls may hang over the white circles. Use a fabric scissors to trim away any parts hanging over the edge.

Pink fabric peppermints are created by adhering pink fabric wedges to felt circles.

Step Three: Use white puffy paint to outline the peppermints and decorate the gingerbread girls.

Carefully outline the white circle and each peppermint swirl with white puffy paint. Practice drawing a line of puffy paint on a scrap piece of felt, then just go slow as you outline the peppermints. Don’t worry if your puffy paint isn’t perfect! Mine wasn’t in areas, but this is a handmade project and a few variations adds to the charm :) 

White puffy paint is used to outline the peppermints.

Next, decorate the gingerbread girls with white puffy paint!

White puffy paint is drawn on the gingerbread felt girls.

Gingerbread girls and pink peppermints outlines in white puffy paint.

Step Five: Embellish the felt gingerbread girls.

I added a cute bow to the neck of each gingerbread girl using thin 1/8″ pink ribbon. I also found some pink gems in my daughter’s craft stash and added them to the girls’ cheeks and the bows on their feet!

Gingerbread girl with pink ribbon at her neck and two pink rhinestone cheeks.

Step Six: String the pennants onto ribbon to create a banner.

The final step to making a banner is attaching the peppermints and gingerbreads girls to a length of ribbon. I love using mini clothespins since you can easily move the pennants around and storage is super easy. I just remove the pennants and store them in a baggy with the clothespins until next year when it is time to hang the banner up again.

I used red snowflake mini clothespins leftover from making my paper medallion peppermint banner and painted them pink. Each snowflake was decorated with a dark pink gem sticker to add a little sparkle!

Gingerbread girls lay next to pink clothespins with wooden snowflakes on them.

Cute brown felt gingerbread girl is attached to ribbon with a cute snowflake-embellished clothespin.

I love how cute this banner turned out! My daughter has already claimed it for her room and it really looks sweet hung up! I want to make a matching Christmas tree with these as ornaments. I’ll be back tomorrow with the next day in my 12 Days of Holiday Crafts series!

Gingerbread girl banner with pink fabric peppermints.

Do you have a lot of fabric scraps too? I love using mine for holiday projects! Here are a few of my favorite scrappy Christmas crafts :) 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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