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Scrappy Candy Cane Stocking

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Create a festive candy cane stocking using scraps of red fabric! Grab my free stocking pattern to get started!

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12 Days of Holiday Crafts by Crafting CheerfullyCandy cane striped stocking made from scraps of red fabric lays on a red surface with snowflakes, candy canes and red fabric.

Hello Crafty Friends! Welcome back to day #4 of my annual series “12 Days of Holiday Crafts“. Today I’m sharing a free pattern and step-by-step tutorial for making your own scrappy candy cane stocking! 

This stocking is a fun DIY that is great for using up scraps in your stash. I searched my own fabric stash for red cotton fabrics and was surprised how many different prints I had! They look so pretty combined and I love that some of them remind me of previous projects! 

DIY candy cane stocking.

This stocking is a great beginner sewing project. It has lots of straight machine stitching as well as simple embroidery. As someone who enjoys both machine and hand sewing, this was a fun way to combine them! If hand sewing isn’t your thing, you can easily skip that part and stitch your candy cane strips slightly closer together. 

Below is the tutorial with lots of pictures. You can grab the free pattern at the end of this blog post. If you are looking for more fun DIY Christmas crafts, be sure to check out my Christmas Craft Page!

Candy cane striped stocking made from scraps of red fabric lays on a red surface with snowflakes, candy canes and red fabric.

DIY Scrappy Candy Cane Stocking

Supplies Needed

  • Free stocking pattern – Grab the free file by filling out the purple form at the bottom of this post.
  • White cotton for outside of fabric
  • White fleece
  • White cotton lining
  • Scraps of red cotton fabric
  • Red embroidery floss
  • Ruler
  • Mark B Gone Marker
  • Red ribbon
  • Red and white thread
  • Fabric scissors

White fabric, white flannel and a pile of red printed quilting fabrics.

Print and Assemble the Stocking Pattern

Download the free stocking pattern by filling out the purple form at the end of this post. Print all four pages of the pattern, cut out the pieces and assemble them together with tape. They will form the full stocking pattern which includes seam allowance. 

Diagram showing the four stocking pieces assembled to form a stocking.

Cut and Prepare the Fabric

Step One: Cut out the fabric needed to make the stocking. Use the pattern to cut 2 fleece pieces, 2 lining pieces and 2 outer fabric pieces. 

I like to fold my fabric, right sides together, then lay it on my cutting surface. When I cut out the pattern I am cutting through two layers of fabric and cutting both pieces at once. This ensures the pieces are correct and I will have a front and back piece from each type of fabric. For example, when you lay both lining pieces right side up on a table, the toes of each piece will be facing in different directions.

Stocking fabric is cut including 2 fleece pieces, 2 fabric pieces and 2 lining pieces.

Use a ruler to also cut 1″ wide strips of red fabric from your red fabric scraps. I cut all of my strips the same length but the candy cane pattern will need some pieces that are longer than others. If some of your scraps are smaller, you can use the shorter pieces at the top of the stocking or at the toe.

Strips of red fabric lay in a pile next to a red and white fabric scissors.

Step Two: Flat line the outer fabric pieces with fleece. I like to add a little bit of cozy weight to my stocking to make it thicker than just the thin cotton. Flat lining is joining two pieces of fabric together so they can behave as one piece for the rest of the project. For this stocking, I flat lined both of my outer fabric pieces with fleece.

Lay each outer piece of fabric on top of a piece of fleece and smooth it out starting in the center. Stitch the two pieces together about 1/4″ from the edges. This will keep your flat lining stitch lines hidden in the seam allowance. 

The stocking cut from white cotton fabric and white flannel are pinned together.

Below you can see both the front and back of my stocking have been flatlined with fleece.

The stockings are lined with white fleece.

Decorate the Stocking

Step Three: Cover the front of the stocking with diagonal strips of red fabric spaced 1″ apart. Top stitch the fabric strips down using red thread. I chose not to finish the edges of my red fabric strips since I was going for a “scrappy” look. If you decide to finish the edges, I would cut my strips of red fabric about 1.5″ wide and fold under the edges 1/4″. 

The strips of red fabric are pinned to the front of the stocking in diagonal strips spaced one inch apart.

Step Four: Use embroidery floss to add decorative stitching between each stripe. This step is optional and if hand sewing isn’t your jam you can skip to the next step. I love the look of the hand stitching. It adds a “handmade” look that is very sweet. 

Use a pencil or a water soluble fabric marker and draw lines between each stripe with a ruler. Trace the lines with a simple running stitch in red embroidery floss. Embroidery floss comes with 6 strands. I separated two strands and threaded my needle, tying a knot at the end so I was stitching with 4 strands of floss. 

An erasable fabric marker is used to draw a dotted line between strips of fabric; the strips are embroidered with red floss.

The front of the stocking is covered with diagonal strips of red fabric.

You can repeat the pattern on the back. I chose to leave the back of my stocking plain since our stockings hang against a mantle or wall.

The front and back of the stocking.

Sew the Stocking

Step Six: Sew the stocking together. This may be the trickiest part because there a four pieces that now need to be sewn together and the toe of the stocking needs to end up the same way!

Start by pinning a lining piece to an outside fabric piece, with right sides together, stitch along the top of the stocking. Stitch the pieces together using a 5/8″ seam allowance. 

The cotton lining is attached to the stocking along the top of the stocking pieces.

The front and back pieces of stocking are stitching to the lining.

Open up both pieces and press the seam. You will now have two long pieces. Each piece should have the toes facing in the same direction. Below is the front piece stitched to a lining piece.

The striped candy cane front of the stocking is stitched to the lining piece of fabric.

The front of the stocking is stitched to the lining.

Next, stitch the front and back pieces together. Start by laying the two long pieces together, right sides touching. Pin them matching up the seam line. The front and back of the stocking will be touching and the two lining pieces will be touching. 

Stitch around the entire stocking using a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving an opening at the back of the lining pieces. 

Stocking pieces are pinned together.

Stocking pieces are sewn together.

Step Seven: Clip around the curved toes. 

The round toes of the stocking are clipped with a scissors.

Step Eight: Turn the stocking right side out through the opening then stitch the opening closed on the machine.

The front of the stocking is stitched to the lining.

Step Nine: Turn down the top of the stocking to create the stocking cuff. Start by pushing the lining inside the stocking and use your hand to help the lining fit into the toe area. 

The stocking is turned right side out; the lining is now inside the stocking.

Fold over the top of the lining to create the cuff. My cuff measures about 4″. Press the entire stocking including the cuff. 

The inside of the stocking is folded down to create a white cuff.

Finish the Stocking with Details

Step Ten: Add a hanging loop. Use ribbon to stitch a small hanging loop to the back of the stocking along the seam line. I pinned where the loop should go, then opened up the cuff and stitched the ribbon in place using my machine. Once the cuff is pulled back down the stitching on the outside of the stocking will be covered up.

A red ribbon loop is added to the inside of the stocking for hanging.

Step Eleven: Add a decorative ribbon along the top of the cuff. I felt the top of the stocking was missing a little something, so I searched my ribbon stash and found this cute red and white ribbon. Stitch the ribbon in place or use a little bit of fabric glue to secure it.

A red ribbon and red bow are added to the cuff of the stocking.

The scrappy candy cane stocking is finished! I love how festive this stocking turned out and how sweet the red fabrics look together. I love mixing and matching my fabric scraps. 

Candy cane striped stocking made from scraps of red fabric lays on a red surface with snowflakes, candy canes and red fabric.

Do you have a lot of fabric scraps too? I love using mine for holiday projects! Here are a few of my favorite scrappy Christmas crafts :) 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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