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Color-Your-Own Christmas Village – Free Printable Coloring Pages

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Create your own Christmas village with these free printable coloring pages! An easy holiday craft for all ages – color, cut out, accordion-fold and display! 

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12 Days of Holiday Crafts by Crafting CheerfullyColor your own Christmas Village printable coloring pages.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today is day 5 of my “12 Days of Holiday Crafts” series and I am sharing a DIY craft that is fun for all ages! This color-your-own Christmas village is a set of coloring pages that once colored in can be cut out and displayed. 

I have always loved Christmas village sets and all of the festive details they come with. They allow you to create your own winter wonderland with homes, buildings, figurines and more.

This is my spin on those classic village sets! I drew the buildings I wanted to include in my North Pole village and then traced them on my iPad using ProCreate. 

The village features cute shops and buildings you may find at the North Pole including:

  • Elf Workship
  • Bakery
  • North Pole Post Office
  • Santa’s Reindeer Stables
  • Hot Cocoa Cafe
  • The Gift Emporium

Christmas village coloring pages are colored in with colored pencils.

Coloring the village is so much fun! Grab your favorite colored pencils, markers or gel pens and color away! I had a lot of fun drawing these buildings and imagining a snowy and cozy North Pole. The bakery and stables are my favorite!

Village pieces are colored in with colored pencil including a bakery, elf workshop and post office.

The village comes as two coloring sheets with a few different options for assembly. You can cut around each building, which can be a bit fussy, or you can cut around the snowflake scene with is quick, straight lines. Both versions look adorable once accordion-folded.

You can choose to keep the two pages separate or you can attach them to form one long row of holiday buildings.

Paper Christmas village is displayed with snowflakes.

Christmas Village Coloring Pages

Supplies Needed

Coloring the Village

Download and print the free coloring pages on white cardstock. The village comes on two separate pages with 3 buildings on each page. Color the pages with colored pencils, markers, gel pens – anything you want! 

Since I decided to cut around each building, I found it was easiest to color the pages before cutting the buildings out. If you are making these with kids or don’t want to fussy cut around each building, I recommend keeping the snowflake background. You can then decide if you want to cut the pieces out before or after coloring. 

The top of the coloring page is colored in with red colored pencil.

Cut out the Christmas Village

I like to use a paper trimmer for the straight edges, then go back and cut the rest with my small precision craft scissors. Below you can see I didn’t originally have the snowy background. I added it to give everyone an easier option for cutting out the village.

The coloring pages are cut out with a paper trimmer.

The Christmas village pieces are cut out with a scissors.

Fold the Christmas Village

Accordion-fold the village pieces so they will stand up on their own. I used my scoring board to score between each building. If using the snowy backdrop, continue your score lines all the way up through the sky.

I also chose to score a second line through the Reindeer Stables building, along the line that separates the front of the stables (with the vertical wood) from the side of the stables. 

The village pieces are scored between each building.

The village pieces are gently folded along the score lines between each village building.

Attach the Village Pieces

Since the village comes as two coloring pages you can decide if you want to keep them separate or attach them. If you want to keep them separate, simply cut off the tab. If attaching them, use double-sided tape or a gluestick along the tab then attach them. 

Double-sided tape is applied to the tabs.

Christmas village coloring pages attached and accordion-folded.

The Christmas village pieces are taped together to form a long city.

The North Pole village is done and ready to be displayed! I used a bit of white fleece and my bottle brush trees to create a snowy scene. I love the way it turned out! My kids really had fun with this one and are using the one they made for small world pretend play!

Color your own Christmas Village printable coloring pages.

I love coloring crafts, especially at the holidays. They are a fun activity that is simple to set up and can be done by many different age groups. Here are a few more coloring crafts you may enjoy! 

I’ll be back tomorrow with another day in my series, “12 Days of Holiday Crafts“! 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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