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DIY Calendar Pocket Chart

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Create a colorful and fun pocket chart calendar for your home and classroom! These fun printables include the month, days of the week and seasons!

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Colorful pocket chart calendar with days of the week.

*This post was originally published August 8th, 2018 and updated July 2021

As the school year approaches it is a great time to start preparing and getting organized. One of my favorite ways to stay organized with kids is using a calendar and my family loves using a pocket chart calendar. We ordered one on Amazon by Scholastic and I decided to create colorful calendar cards to use with it. This calendar is big, bright, colorful and really fun to set up each month. 

Pocket chart calendar hanging on a wall with colorful kids drawings by it.

Child putting a number card into the pocket chart.

Pocket chart children's calendar hanging up in a home classroom.

The Pocket Chart Printables 

I created these fun calendar chart printables and you can purchase them in my Etsy Shop. The kit is available in English and also Spanish, French and Italian! 

Pocket Chart Calendar Kit

The kit includes cards for each month and season plus number cards and the days of the week. 

Pocket chart printables showing monthly cards.

Pocket chart calendar printables.

The season cards all feature the same tree so kids can see how the tree changes in each season.

Season cards for pocket chart calendar featuring trees from each season.

Some months have multiple cards, so you have an option between a holiday-themed card and a non-holiday option.

Pocket chart printables showing the month cards on a table.

The kit also includes “frame” cards that can be moved around each day to show what day it is today and also what day yesterday was and what day tomorrow is. My kids love moving the frame cards each day and seeing what is coming up on our calendar. 

Close up picture of the pocket chart calendar.

Supplies For Making The Pocket Chart Cards

You can create these cards in many different ways from printing and laminating them at home to printing them at your favorite local printer. Below are the supplies I use to print, laminate and cut them out at home.

How to Make The Pocket Chart Calendar Cards

Step One: Print the pocket chart kit printables on cardstock. I use 110lb white paper.

Pocket chart calendar printables showing the days of the week.

Step Two: Laminate the printables using self laminating sheets or a thermal laminator.

Pocket chart printable being laminate in a thermal laminator.

Step Three: Cut out the cards. Using a paper trimmer is really helpful and will speed up the process!

Pocket chart printables cut out and laid out on a table.

Using the Pocket Chart Kit

The pocket chart printables can be used on their own or you can use them with some of my other cards, like my Holiday Cards, Fun National Day Cards, Animal Holidays and my popular Daily Activity Cards!

May pocket chart calendar with holidays in it

I love making calendar cards, so it was fun to put together this new calendar. I’m definitely feeling more prepared for back-to-school. While I feel sad summer is ending, I love back-to-school time because it always feels like a fresh new start and a great time to get organized.

Happy Crafting! -Kim


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