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Handmade Fabric Quiet Book using Simplicity Pattern 3709

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See how a fabric quiet book was made using sweet and playful fabrics and Simplicity pattern 3709.

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Fabric quiet book with sweet fleece puppy in a dog house.

Hello Crafty Friends! With Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share a sewing project my mom made! I was fortunate to grow up with a sewing mom and it definitely inspired me to start sewing. She made my sister and I lots of clothes when we were growing up and the best halloween costumes! Now my mom still loves to sew and has made some beautiful things for my kids, including quiet books!

The first quiet book my mom made was created using a vintage 1970s Vogue pattern called “It’s a Zoo”. Today I am sharing the second quiet book she made, this time using the Simplicity Pattern 3709.

Simplicity 3709 Quiet Book

For the fabric of this quiet book, my mom chose a rainbow of colors in flowers and polka dots and used those as the background for each page. I like how the fabric colors create a soft and sweet palette. Choosing fabrics from the same collection help the book feel cohesive when finished. Below you can see the fun and interactive pages she created!

Fabric Quiet Book Pages

Page One: Peekaboo

The book starts out with a little Peekaboo! The yarn hair is such a fun texture and the hands close with just a little bit of Velcro fastener.

First page of quiet book with a felt face covered with felt hands.

The felt hands are opened up revealing a felt face and yarn hair.

Page Two: Flowers

The next page features sweet felt flowers with ribbon stems that can each be unbuttoned. The buttons my mom used are so cute and playful! This page is a great fine motor activity. 

Fabric page with felt flowers, button centers and ribbon stems.

Page Three: Kitten

Next up is the cutest little kitty. The bowtie on the kitty actually has jingle bells in it! Such a fun and unexpected surprise! My mom used extra soft gray fleece for the kitten’s fur and ears making it a fun texture for little ones to feel. 

Gray fleece kitten with a purple bowtie on a fabric page.

Following the kitten is one of my favorite pages, the butterfly! The wings were made using sparkly fabric with textured sequins and are filled with cellophane which makes a fun crinkly sound when little hands play with them.Fabric page with butterfly on it; wings are made from sparkly silver sequin fabric.

Page Four: Corn on the Cob

The corn on the cob page is so fun and adorable. The page made me laugh out loud when we first looked through this book because it was so unexpected. Little ones can unzip the husk to see the corn inside. There is a bit of yellow tulle sewn at the top which is fun for kids to pull out and tuck in the husk.

Fabric book page with a corn husk made from green felt and a zipper.The green felt corn husk is unzipped revealing yellow felt corn and yellow tulle.

Page Five: Puppy!

The puppy page in this book turned out so well. My mom did such a great job! The little dog is made from soft fleece and lightly stuffed. It comes in and out of the pink polka dot dog house on a ribbon leash. 

Fabric book page with fabric doghouse appliquéd; a fleece puppy is stuck inside the house.The brown fleece puppy is pulled out of the dog house; the dog is connected by a ribbon leash.

Page Six: Bird in Nest

Next up is the cute little bird sitting in it’s nest. The nest is made from fur and is so fun for little ones to play with. Unfasten the nest and kids will discover little eggs hidden inside!

Fabric book pages with a fabric bird sitting in a nest made of faux fur.The faux fur nest is pulled down to reveal fabric eggs underneath the fabric bird.

Page Seven: Sneaker

Finally, the last page is this cute sneaker. This is the trickiest page of the book and even though my kids have not figured out how to tie the bow yet, they still love playing with it. 

Fabric book page with fabric shoe laced together with a white shoe lace.

Finishing the Book

The fabric pages of the quiet book are all bound with a soft fabric cover. My. mom personalized the book with my child’s name and the year she made it. She signed the inside cover with “Grandma” using embroidery thread, which is such a sweet touch. My kids love these fabric books and they are a definite labor of love!

Fabric book showing the spine and cover of the book made with green fabric with yellow felt letters and numbers on top.

Supplies and Pattern Used

This quiet book takes lots of different fabrics and notions, many you may already have in your stash since some of the pieces you’ll need are quiet small. My mom purchased fabric for the background pages and binding from Joann Fabrics along with felt and a couple small pieces of fur/fleece. She searched her stash for lots of the smaller pieces and ribbons.

The pattern used is Simplicity 3709 which may be available at your local craft store. Below are a few of the places I have found it online at the time of publishing this post. Hopefully it is useful if you decide to make this quiet book!

I love quiet books – they are perfect for quiet time and when my kids need some time to calm down or get ready for bed. They also make the best keepsakes! I know we’ll always have these sweet books and can hopefully pass them down.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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