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Harry Potter Fabric Activity Cube

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Learn how to make a cute fabric activity cube that is Harry Potter-themed! This fun free sewing pattern uses embroidery and appliqué to create a unique fabric creation perfect for Harry Potter fans!

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Harry Potter fabric activity cube with Harry Potter's face on top.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I am beyond excited to share with you my Harry Potter Activity Cube! I started making fabric cubes a few years ago when my son was born. Now I love making them for friends, and both my kids have loved playing with them. This Harry Potter-themed cube is one of my favorites.  It was so much fun to sew, as I was able to do a little bit of everything on it – embroidery, appliqué, and basic sewing.

The cube has four sides that are all interactive with different sensory activities. There are wooden rings on quidditch hoops, a Hedwig owl that opens its wings to reveal a baby owl that squeaks, a snitch that crinkles, and a flap which reveals Neville’s sneaky little toad Trevor! Harry’s face is on the top and number fabric on the bottom that reminds me of Platform 9 3/4. 

The Sides of the Cube

Top of the Cube: Harry’s Face! The top of the cube features Harry’s face made from fabric and felt that is machine appliquéd. 

Top of the fabric activity cube showing Harry Potter's face.

Side One: Hogwarts Crest! Create the Hogwarts crest using felt and simple hand embroidery. The crest is a flap that can be lifted up. I put a cute toad patch underneath to represent Neville’s lost toad, Trevor!

Side of the activity cube with a felt crest of Hogwarts.

Side Two – Hedwig! This side features a cute Hedwig owl that has a fun little pouch for a baby owl. The wings open and close using a small piece of Velcro fastener.

Side of the activity cube showing a white snowy owl and a gray baby fleece owl.

Side Three: Golden Snitch. The golden snitch is created with gold fabrics. I added material that crinkle inside the wings for a fun sensory experience. 

Side of the cube showing a golden snitch made from gold fabrics.

Side Four: Quidditch Hoops! This side features Quidditch hoops made from wooden rings that can be lifted up and down. I chose to use wooden teething rings so they would be safe for little ones. 

Side of cube that shows three quidditch hoops made with wooden rings.

The Pattern

Download the pattern and instructions for assembling each side of the cube by filling out the purple form at the end of this post. Once the sides are created, come back to this post to follow the instructions for putting them all together as a cube!

Use the patterns to create a cube as I did or create a fun fabric quiet book! You could even pick a side to create as a cute decorative pillow for your couch!

Safe Sewing for Kids

I’m very happy to offer this pattern for free! I made this activity cube for my kids and am sharing the pattern, tutorial and process pictures for the cube as I made it for my kids. 

This cube is not intended to be used as a pillow and should never be placed in a child’s crib or sleeping area. The cube is intended to be an interactive toy used with adult supervision. Be sure to check it routinely for signs of wear and tear. Some tips to follow for safe sewing:

  • When stitching the cube, test your seams by gently pulling on them. Make sure they are strong.
  • Pre-wash all fabrics and ribbons. Do not use ribbons that bleed color or fabric that sheds glitter.
  • You can use two rows of stitches when connecting the sides of the cube or on areas that will get more use than others.
  • Always follow the directions on the packages of products you are purchasing for this cube.
  • Use your own discretion on what is safe and appropriate for your child. 

Harry Potter fabric activity cube with Harry Potter's face on top.

Supplies Used

*detailed supply lists included in pattern. Links to the supplies I used are below. 

Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1: Choose six cohesive fabrics to work as the background fabrics for your cube. I found beautiful fabric from a local quilt store. The majority of it is from Hoffman California International Fabrics including “Winter Magic”, “Wrap it Up” and “Gilded Holiday”. The light peach cotton I used for Harry’s skin color came from Joann Fabrics and was laid over white cotton to make it more opaque. The number fabric is part of the Moda Circa 1934 Cosmo Cricket collection.

Each square should be cut to 8″ by 8″. This includes a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Six fabric swatches in red, black and golds.

Step 2: Follow the individual tutorial PDFs for each side of the cube. Download the free printable pattern and instructions for each side from my Resource Library.

Assembling the Cube

Step 3: Once each side of the cube is completed, it is time to assemble the cube. Start by stitching the four cube sides, right sides together, with 1/4″ seam allowance. Press each seam open. When all four sides are stitched together, you will have a tube.

Fabric activity cube partially assembled.

Step 4: Stitch the top of the cube to the four sides. Press seams open and clip corners. The quidditch hoop side will be tricky as the wooden rings are close to the top. You can use a zipper foot if that helps give you more room.

Close up picture of an activity cube being assembled with straight pins pinning the top of the cube to the sides.

Step 5: Next, stitch the bottom of the cube to the four sides. Leave a sizable hole in the back so you can flip the cube inside out. Press seams opens and clip corners.

The back part of the fabric activity cubes with a small opening in the bottom.

Step 6: Flip the cube right side out through the hole you left at the back.

Step 7: Stuff the cube with Poly-fil stuffing. I like to pull my stuffing into smaller pieces and fluff it up so there aren’t any lumps. 

activity cube stuffed with stuffing through a hole left in the bottom seam.

Step 8: Hand-stitch the opening closed with a needle and thread.

The hole for stuffing the fabric cube is pinned shut ready to be hand stitched.

The fabric activity cube is finished! While this is by no means a “quick” project, the completed cube is so fun! There are so many things you can do with the patterns other than creating a cube. Make a fun quiet book, a decorative pillow, an interactive quilt blanket or a cube as I did! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun creating something for yourself or an HP fan!

Looking for more fun Harry Potter craft ideas? Check out my Harry Potter Craft Page for lots of craft project and tutorials!

Harry Potter fabric activity cube with Harry Potter's face on top.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

Get the Free Harry Potter Activity Cube Files!

Fill out the purple form below with your first name and email address! The free file will be sent straight to your inbox! If you have already filled out the form below, don’t worry – you won’t be added to my list twice! This freebie is for personal use only. I hope you enjoy crafting something special. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

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  1. Hey! I love this! Is there anyway to purchase one you have/can make? I am not skilled at sewing in the least and would love to gift this to my best friend’s baby boy. His whole nursery is Harry Potter themed!

  2. I am trying to make this project and it won’t let me download the pattern as a pdf-it’s not an option. I can only click on it which opens it and if I print it from there then the glasses are only about 5″ across. All of the patterns are too small-it seems. I’m not sure what to do or how to fix it.

    1. Hi! When you open the pattern pieces you should save them to your desktop and then print them from there. This usually works the best. I’m on a mac and just tested the files out and they printed with the glasses measuring 8″ as they should. I opened each pattern piece, saved it to my desktop by right-clicking or going up to “File-Save Page As”. Then I printed each from my desktop making sure I was printing at a scale of 100%. Let me know if this works for you, otherwise I can email you the files :)

  3. WOW!! That is just awesome! I don’t have any little ones left (just tweens and teens), but I want to make one just…. because ;o). Thanks for sharing with us and taking all the time to put together a tutorial!

      1. This is soo adorble! I do not own a sewing machine or anything to steam the edges or anything. Just wondering-if I were to ask a person to make this, about how much do you think it would cost? Or if you are willing to make another one, how much would you charge? I am trying to find something unique for my baby cousin that will be here in August and just love this! Thanks!

        1. Hi! I’m so happy you like the baby cube! Unfortunately I am not selling them at this time, just offering the free pattern and tutorial :) I’m not sure how much it would cost to have someone make it for you. I know the supplies for this will add up if you need to purchase everything for it. When I made this I had all of the fabric, felt and stuffing on hand so I just needed to purchase the baby teething rings and frog patch, so I don’t have an exact idea of how much the supplies came to. It does make a really special and unique gift for a baby – especially if the mom is a Harry Potter fan! :)

  4. Love, love, love this! I am really excited to tackle this great HP project just in time for my new grandson!

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