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Quick and Easy Spider Halloween Cookies


Halloween spider cookies sit on a decorative tablecloth next to mini pumpkins.

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Happy Halloween! I wanted to pop on the blog today to share some Halloween cookies I made this morning.  They are so quick and easy they make a great last minute dessert idea!  We are headed to a Halloween party tonight and I since I don’t like showing up empty handed, I wanted to think of something easy to bring.  I remembered these cookies my mom made when we were kids!  The best part – they only take three ingredients!

Halloween Spider Cookie


  • Chocolate Wafers (I bought Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafers)
  • Icing (I went with Betty Crocker’s Cookie Icing)
  • Spider Rings

Directions: Using your icing, pipe a simple spider web onto the chocolate wafer.  Add a large dollop of icing in the middle and place a spider ring into the center of the dollop.  I found it helped to wait a few minutes before placing the spider ring, it gave the icing time to firm up and hold the ring better.  Some of my rings have titled over but they still look good.  And that’s how easy these are!

Ingredients needed for quick and easy Halloween cookies!

Halloween Spider Cookie!

Halloween spider cookie

Halloween spider cookie

Quick and easy Halloween spider cookies!

Halloween spider cookies sit on a decorative tablecloth next to mini pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Crafting! -Kim


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