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Layered Paper Pumpkin Frame

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Create a beautiful, layered paper pumpkin to display this fall and Halloween season! Using cardstock, foam adhesive dots and my Cricut Design Space file, you can make a dimensional paper project that can be displayed on the wall or on a table using an easel.

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Layered paper pumpkin frame made from cardstock rests in an easel.

Hello Crafty Friends! Autumn is right around the corner and this layered paper pumpkin frame is perfect for displaying all season long. This pumpkin is so versatile it could work for fall, Halloween and even Thanksgiving. I love to display my frame in an easel but it can also be hung on the wall depending on what space you have.

This paper pumpkin is made from three layers of paper separated with tiny foam dots which give it a lovely 3 dimensional look. I chose to use Bazzill cardstock in three different shades of orange. The stem of the pumpkin is added with brown cardstock and tied with a bit of twine.

The entire pumpkin is backed with a layer of chipboard, which I recommend if you plan to display the pumpkin in an easel. Without the chipboard I’ve found the paper will gradually start to lean backwards. 

This paper pumpkin design was made using files from Cricut Design Space. You can use the file I created in Design Space and either use it as is, or adjust the size and color of the paper to fit your needs. My finished pumpkin measures 11.5″ tall by about 11″ wide and is a nice size to feature a photo in the center.

Four paper pumpkins lay on a table some with intricate cut out designs.

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Layered Paper Pumpkin Frame

Choosing the Paper

For my layered paper projects, I like to choose a sturdy cardstock that is also solid core. Solid core means the paper is the same color on the outside as it is on the inside. White core, or printed cardstock, is paper that is colored on just the front and back and the inside is white. I find with the intricate cuts of the mandala design, that solid core cardstock gives a more polished look and there is no white visible that may distract from the design.

I used a combination of Bazzill textured and smooth cardstock that is 80lb. The sturdier cardstock will hold up better, especially if you display the pumpkin in an easel. I recommend using a layer of chipboard on the back of the pumpkin to give the frame even more structure and keep it from flopping over in an easel.

Supplies Needed:

Colorful sheets of orange cardstock, chipboard and foam adhesive dots.

Preparing the File in Cricut Design Space

I designed this pumpkin frame in Cricut Design Space using an image by Cricut Contributing Artist Kristin, of Printable Cuttable Creatables. My pumpkin frame measures 11.5″ tall by about 11″ wide with a 4″ circular photo opening. You can resize the pumpkin or change the colors of the layers. There are two optional layers included, a Chipboard Layer and a Photo Slice Layer that can be used to cut a photo. 

Pumpkin mandala frame in Cricut Design Space.

Using your Cricut to Cut a Photo to Size

If you would like to have your cutting machine cut the photo using the “Print then Cut” feature, you can use the optional Photo Slice Layer to crop it. Start by uploading your photo into Cricut Design Space then insert the photo into the project. Hide the Pumpkin Frame group and move the photo behind the Photo Slice Layer. You can play around with the sizing of your photo until you like the way it looks in the opening of the pumpkin. 

Photo of a girl in autumn placed in the Cricut Design Space project.

Photo is cropped to fit in the opening of the pumpkin frame in Cricut Design Space.

Next, highlight both the photo layer and the Photo Slice Layer and choose the slice tool. This will create several new slice result layers at the top of the layers panel. Delete all of the layers except the one with your circular photo. 

Photo placed under the pumpkin slice layer in Cricut Design Space.

Photo is sliced in Cricut Design Space.

The photo layer will then be ready for Cricut’s Print then Cut feature and can be cut using your Cricut! 

Layered paper pumpkin with photo ready to be sliced.

Cutting the Paper Pumpkin

Once the file is ready, cut out all of the layers of paper using your machine. I cut the chipboard layer but my Cricut Explore was not able to cut all the way through the chipboard, even though I did run it through twice using a deep cut blade. To finish cutting it, I used a craft knife and a cutting mat to follow the outline of the pumpkin and finish cutting it out.

A craft knife is used to cut a pumpkin out of chipboard.

Four paper pumpkins lay on a table some with intricate cut out designs.

Preparing the Back of the Pumpkin Frame

If you are using chipboard, which I recommend if you will be displaying the frame in an easel or on a stand, attach the bottom layer of cardstock to the chipboard using craft glue. 

Orange cardstock pumpkin lays next a bottle of glue.

Adhere the photo to this bottom layer of paper. Use one of the layers with the hole cut out to lightly draw where the photo should go, then attach the photo using adhesive.

A pencil traces the inside frame opening onto the bottom pumpkin layer.

Picture is glued to the orange pumpkin layer.

Layering the Paper Pumpkin

Start with the top layer and add foam adhesive dots to the back of the layer. I like to add quite a few dots around the outer edges and fill in at the points where the paper intersects. Once you have covered the back with adhesive, apply the top layer to the middle layer. Tip: It helps to add the brown paper stem to the top layer using glue first before adding the adhesive dots.

Foam adhesive dots are added to the back of the top pumpkin layer.

Cardstock pumpkin layers are stacked with adhesive glue dots in between.

Repeat for the middle layer, adding adhesive dots to the back of the layer. I find it best to add my dots in the same place from layer to layer. It’s tricky getting the little dots out of the adhesive sheets, so I use my weeding tool to help remove the paper from each dot and also the dots themselves!

Small adhesive dots are added to the back of the pumpkin layer.

Adhesive dots placed on the pumpkin layers are placed in the same positions.

Pumpkin layer mandala sits on a black cutting mat.

Add a twine bow!

The final step is to wrap a bit of twine around the stem and attach a twine bow.

Layered paper pumpkin sits on a black cutting mat with a roll of raffia.

The paper pumpkin mandala is finished! Display the pumpkin frame in an easel as I did, or use ribbon and hang the pumpkin on the wall. This sweet craft makes a fun and festive fall decoration and a wonderful gift for family and friends!

Layered paper pumpkin frame made from cardstock rests in an easel.

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Happy Crafting! -Kim


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